Q&A with CJ Lee

CJ Lee with CJ Kupcek

CJ Lee with CJ Kupcek

I was sitting at home on Saturday night when I received a phone call from a dear friend of isportsweb.com, CJ Kupcek. He was calling to tell me he was at the Tigers game in a suite and that CJ Lee was also there in the suite. He asked me if I wanted to see if Lee would answer some questions. I said that would be great. CJ Lee graciously agreed. I fired off some questions for CJ Kupcek to ask and he did. The Q&A is below. Click here for the audio

How did it make you feel to be the team captain last year? It was good because I was nominated by my peers, teammates. So anytime that you are put in a position like that it means a lot to you.

When you transferred to Michigan from Manhattan did you ever think you would be a team captain and starting games in the NCAA Tournament? I knew it was possible. I knew that was the dream I had. It definitely shocked me that it happened that way but it’s what I worked hard to do and I’m proud.

You guys took a huge step forward last season advancing to the second round of the NCAA Tournament, did that exceed your expectations for the season? It definitely exceeded expectations for the season. I mean us as players were not immune to what the outside world is saying about your team. We knew where we were picked but we knew we were making a conscious effort everyday to get to that tournament no matter what people were saying. It was gratifying to our team and to our to get that far.

In a few words how would you summarize the impact Coach Beilein has made at Michigan? Program changes.

What player do you think has the best chance to surprise people and have a break out season for Michigan next year? I’ll give you two people I would say Laval Lucas-Perry and Stu Douglass.

How good can Manny Harris be? He’s a legitimate pro right now. I think that if he comes back takes required responsibility its only going to raise his stock in the draft.

What are your future plans? Would you ever consider coaching? My future plans are I’m interested in politics. I’m pursuing that right now with my summer internship. I definitely see myself coaching somewhere down the road I get asked that a lot. It definitely is something I can do it’s just a matter of if I’m willing to do it and when.

Do you want to say anything about Rick Snyder at all? I’m working for Rick Snyder this summer were on our listening tour right now, he’s exploring a run for governor. He’s a very very smart person obviously he’s had a lot of success in the business world but he’s an even better person and that’s important and that’s the reason I signed on. It seems like Rick is always been ahead of the curve in terms of everything he’s done. I think its only a matter of time before the rest of the world sees that and before Michigan sees that to.