When Kam Chancellor of the Hokies Talks, Defensive Coordinators Better Listen

Do you remember those old E.F. Hutton financial brokerage commercials that were on television in the 80’s?  For those of you who don’t, let me provide a little background for context.  There are 2 people sitting across from each other in a very busy and lavish restaurant having a conversation about the stock market amongst the hustle and bustle around them.  There are probably in excess of one hundred other patrons seated at tables, along with several waiters, bus boys, and servers.  Then one of the people at the table says; “My broker is recommending that I should buy the stock what does your broker think?”  Then the other person says; “Well my broker is E.F. Hutton, and E.F. Hutton says…”  Then at that very moment everyone in the crowded restaurant stops talking and leans in on the conversation to hear just what good old E.F. Hutton has to say about that particular stock.

This summer I heard the modern day version of that old E.F. Hutton Brokerage commercial courtesy of the Virginia Tech Hokies’ starting safety, Kam (“The Answer Man”) Chancellor.  Kam told everyone in attendance at the ACC media day in July that he knew how to stop the Georgia Tech Option.  Well come this Saturday, Kam will have his chance.

Here is the quote:

Virginia Tech safety Kam Chancellor said that during a film session he thinks he has figured out what Tech is going to do, just from the blocking schemes.  “I can tell run, pass, who’s getting the ball,” Chancellor said. “If they keep it like that, then we’re all good.”

Based on that statement alone, I’m sure that Bud Foster is taking the rest of the week off from his duties as the Virginia Tech defensive coordinator.  After all, if Kam knows how to defend the triple option, the Hokies will be just fine.  So for everyone who thinks that Bud Foster is burning the midnight oil this week and dropping No-Doze as he works on completing his game plan for dismantling the triple option offense of Paul Johnson, forget it.  Bud is sleeping in late and staying at home all week with the family.  In fact, while I’m on the topic of old television commercials; Bud Foster is making the “Maytag Repairman” look busy this week.  If you don’t remember that one, go ask your parents.

This is what I love the most about college football.  Despite 28 years of films and comprehensive defensive game plans put together by coaches who I’m guessing have in excess of several hundred years of collective football experience on their resumes’, twenty (20) year old Kam Chancellor was somehow able to figure this whole thing out by watching a couple of videos of the Georgia Tech offense.  I’m eagerly waiting for his next epiphany.  Hopefully it will be on how to solve a Rubik’s Cube.  That thing has been sitting on my desk collecting dust and cobwebs for the past couple of decades.  Maybe after the game Kam will be kind enough to provide me some insight on solving that mechanical puzzle.

Normally we go through a college football season week to week without any major verbal snipes at an opponent, but given that Kam was brazen enough to make his sentiment known prior to pre-season camp starting, I’m anxious to see him keep his word.  So on Saturday it is put up or shut up time for Kam Chancellor and his visionary statements.  I’m going to bring my binoculars and keep an eye on his performance. 

Mickey Andrews and the entire Florida State University defensive coaching staff have firsthand experience playing against the triple option system.  They squared off against Barry Switzer and the Oklahoma Sooners with their wishbone offense several times back in the 80’s with no luck in slowing it down, let alone stopping it cold in its tracks.  With their vast game experience and extensive knowledge of playing against a similar scheme, they looked helpless on the sidelines this past Saturday evening as the Yellow Jackets went up and down the field racking up the points at will. 

Their frustration came forth when after scoring a touchdown, the Noles tried an onside kick just to keep the Georgia Tech offense from having possession of the football.  That tactic failed and guess what?  That’s right.  Tech scored another touchdown.  So bear with me as I try to absorb the fact that neophyte free safety Kam Chancellor of the Virginia Tech Hokies has successfully mapped out the football version of the genome known as the Georgia Tech Triple Option Offense. 

This is why I am so looking forward to this football game Saturday night at Bobby Dodd Stadium.  Forget the fact that Virginia Tech is #4 in the country.  I’m personally looking forward to the Kam Chancellor defensive performance to see if he in fact has found the vaccine to cure the college football world of this nightmare of an offense.  My hunch is that he has not.  Just as that famous explorer Ponce De Leon ventured far and wide to find the fountain of youth, Kam Chancellor will also find that his certain cure is nothing short of a Mirage.  See you Saturday!