What they said after Michigan Football’s victory over SDSU

Post game reaction to Michigan Football’s 28-7 victory over San Diego State

Brady Hoke:  “I think that we got enough pressure on the quarterback at times with four guys, which is something we need to continue to strive for. I think Greg (Mattison) called a nice game. I think the guys in the back end — Blake Countess came in after Troy [Woolfolk] went down and did a nice job of covering their wide receivers. And I think we forced some bad throws, but it all starts with stopping the running game.”

Brady Hoke: “He [Denard Robinson] ran the ball pretty daggone well. He makes some things up as he goes, which I wish I could do that. Sometimes I do, though. He really did a great job running the football. I thought he did a good job managing the offense, and it will be interesting when I talk to [offensive coordinator] Al [Borges] tomorrow about some of the check plays, because of the different looks that Rocky is going to give you, which is a lot.

Craig Roh

Mike Martin:  “It’s so much more physical, we have a much more physical aspect with Coach Hoke and Coach Mattison. Really we just have a focus, a mission to make sure we can do whatever we can to win each week.

Craig Roh:  “We wanted to start fast. In past games, the other teams have started fast on us. It was just nice to get that three-and-out the way we did. There was a third-and-short there and got a tackle for loss. It was a great way to start out. It put a physical demeanor to the game.”

SDSU Head Coach Rocky Long: “Brady will win a national championship here. I don’t know how long it will take, but he will win one here.”

Denard Robinson: “There were some throws that I just forced. I should have taken my time and do what Coach taught me. That’s all it was.”

Brady Hoke: “We can’t turn the ball over four times. I can tell you that. That’s disappointing. We ended up a minus-one defensively. We caused three turnovers, and then we turned it over four times. You can’t win anything. You can’t win your Pop Warner league if you turn the ball over.”

Rocky Long:  “I thought they were strong at the line of scrimmage. We had a hard time blocking. If we had kept a couple drives alive, if we had thrown it a little bit better and caught it a little bit better, if we had thrown it on target a little bit better and kept some drives alive, we could have kept it close. But we didn’t play well on either side on the ball. We didn’t play well on offense in the first half, and defense was embarrassing.”

Here’s a picture of Junior Hemingway after the game

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_X64VDPGK74XSF32SMDDV3ATQKI Danielle

    “Almost caught Denard once…” great interview quote. Awesome job reporting the game and the post game thoughts of Hoke and the team!  Great game for Hoke to get out of the way and with such AWESOMENESS

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    Love the Hemingway pic.