An ACC road win for the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets but no extra style points

After they bolted to a quick 21 to 0 lead, the Yellow Jackets had an opportunity to put away the game with a pass completion on their own 10 yard line to a wide open Orwin Smith on the left sideline.  Unfortunately, Tevin Washington under threw a certain 90 yard TD pass and Georgia Tech had to punt the football.  This near miss on the knockout blow invigorated the Wolf pack team who were able to run and pass eventually cutting the lead to 21 to 7 going into half time on a 9 yard touchdown pass from quarterback Mike Glennon. 

On their first possession of the 2nd half, the wolf pack moved the football once again and scored on a 46 yard break away run up the middle by James Washington who had a hundred+ yard game against the Yellow Jacket defense after rushing for a grand total of -22 yards the week before against Cincinnati.  This run was eerily similar to the one last week by Giovanni Bernard that also included a couple of missed tackles in the process.  Now the wolf pack crowd was really getting into the game and firing up their team who had now cut the lead to 21 to 14 and all the momentum going their way at Carter-Finley stadium.

So now it was time for Georgia Tech to make a statement and start to establish themselves as a contender in the ACC Coastal this season.  The Yellow Jackets finally woke up out of the ether after that touchdown run with a very tough drive that concluded with Orwin Smith around the right end for a touchdown and a 28 to 14 lead.  Then on the next possession by the wolf pack Mike Glennon was intercepted by safety Isaiah Johnson who took it back untouched 34 yards for a touchdown and a 35 to 14 lead with about 12 1/2 minutes left in the third quarter.  The defense held the wolf pack again and after Georgia Tech got the football back, Tevin Washington threw a very nice spiral to Roddy Jones down the seam for a 38 yard touchdown and now the lead had sprouted to 42 to 14 and the crowd headed for the exits.

While the game still had plenty of time left, it was over at that point other than the final score.  I will admit that giving up 2 touchdowns in the last minute of the game during what is called by the NBA garbage time did not make anyone on the team happy, least of all Paul Johnson.  But these types of errors are not costing us games thus far, and actually helps reinforce the message this team needs to hear all season long about finishing games and not letting up ever until the final clock displays 00.00. 

A road win in any conference is always one of those take it any way you can type of events.  So while 42 to 14 looks much better than 45 to 35, it still results in a WIN!  Last year the momentum would have just swept us up and resulted in another loss.  Also, given that Tevin Washington was certainly not having his best day passing the football and missed several open receivers during the afternoon, he still threw for 2 touchdowns and hit a couple of critical passes when they were needed the most to keep drives moving and get the Yellow Jackets into the end zone.

I have not been able to ascertain what the reason was for Jeremiah Attaochu to leave the game in the second half, but hopefully it is nothing too serious.  So before everyone starts in with the usual chorus of; “we need to play better against the likes of Clemson, Va Tech, and UGA or we’re going to get our butts handed to us,” all of those teams have had their mental miscues this season too.  It is when you start to get complacent and it results in a loss, that is what needs to be guarded against this season.  So the Yellow Jackets will see in film session how these miscues can be avoided and play much better this season moving forward. 

However, all in all a win is a win so let’s put this one behind us and get ready for Maryland next Saturday at BDS.  By the way, # 15 South Florida was blown out on Thursday at Pittsburgh; SMU defeated TCU on the road; Baylor lost to Kansas State at home, and Nebraska was manhandled at Wisconsin and most of those teams were ahead of us in the polls.  So just as CPJ likes to say; “as long as we have more points at the end of the game than the other team,” a win is a win and that is what matters. 

 At this juncture with the pre-season coronation of FSU and Va Tech as the Atlantic and Coastal Division winners expected to meet for the ACC Championship, it appears that other teams such as Georgia Tech now have an opportunity to compete for a championship.  The Yellow Jackets are currently moving along with a 2 and 0 record in the Coastal Division and playing decent football at the moment with the expectation they will continue to improve the remainder of the season.  Nice win and go Jackets!





  • Anonymous

    I found this clip — says volumes about CPJ, particularly as they prepare for the Terps:

    “In 2002 UConn played Navy in Annapolis during Paul Johnson’s first year as head coach of Navy.  Navy went 2-10 that year, including this shutout loss to Connecticut.  Of course, 2-10 was an improvement over the 1-20 record Navy had the previous two years.  But I digress.

    After the clock hit zeroes, PJ and Edsall met at midfield.  While shaking hands, Edsall smugly said “Don’t worry, I won’t share the tape with anyone,” implying he had found out how to shut down the triple option offense.  But revenge is a dish best served by a heartless coach after the jump.

    Fast forward to 2006.  Navy is playing at UConn in the 2nd of the scheduled 4 game home-and-home series started in 2002.  At this point Navy was coming off three straight bowl games while UConnhad gone 5-6 in 2005.  I could go into detail of the horrors experienced by Huskies that day.  But to make a long story short, Navy amassed 605 yards of offense, gained 464 of them on the ground at an 8.3 yards per carry average, and stomped UConn 41-17.

    At the post game handshake, PJ grabbed Edsall’s hand leaned in and said “Don’t worry, I won’t share the tape with anyone.”
    Yes, he held onto that for 4 years. 

    Yes he made him pay.”

    Go Jackets!!!  Crush the Turtle!

    • Michaelgoldfeder

      That’s outstanding Jackets Dad!

      That is why we should all be so gratefull to have a throw back style coach like CPJ leading the Yellow Jackets as I just really appreciate a coach who can call out an opponent and their coach for just that type of nonsense.  You just know that CPJ wants to really put it to Coach Edsall and the turtles in this one on Saturday.  I’m so tired of all the wonking and glad handing that goes on between the coaches today that it so refreshing to actually have a stand up person who actually looks forward to playing against certain folks no matter where they happen to be currently coaching.

      Much like Jim Harbaugh of Stanford a few years ago after going for a 2 point conversion against USC while leading big late in the game.  The comments between him and Pet Carroll after the game were not nice and I’m okay with that.  So here’s to CPJ and the Yellow Jackets getting another “W” aginst Edsall.

  • Anonymous


    I agree with your comment back to GT Nuke that ” … a road win is great no matter how it is accomplished”, but Saturday’s game concerned me a lot.  I felt it was the sloppiest game this year and that the Jackets ‘pushed the coast button’ before the game was over.  We saw several examples of that last year, and the results weren’t pretty.  It goes back to the fact that you have to play the whole 60 minutes.  As good as they are this year, we can’t afford for them to not be laser focused during every minute of every game. 

    Believe me, living in Northern Virginia and not far from College Park, it’s clear that the Terps are headed to BDS with upset on their mind.  Our guys need to stomp them early and then keep their foot on the gas until the clock reads 0:00.

    Go Jackets!

    • Michaelgoldfeder

      Hi Jackets Dad,

      The sloppy play was probably the best thing the Jackets could have done to invoke the wrath of the entire coaching staff and keep them grounded heading back to the practice fields working their butts off.  I know Maryland has a very good QB, probably the best Georgia Tech will face all season long.  We saw Saturday that even without playing their best game they were still able to go out and beat a lesser opponent which is something they were never able to do pre-Paul Johnson.  With CPJ at the controls I am confident that Maryland will be in for a tough time at BDS Saturday as the team will be looking to play an entire 60 minutes after learning a very important lesson at NC State.  Which is why I believe that this game will set the tone for the rest of the schedule.  

  • Williamcasino

    Hey Mike, it sure looked like a sloppy GT team all day long to me. I get frustrated at the gang when it appears that their head is not completely in the game, and that is just what I saw. No disrespect tothe pack but they should have never been close IMHO. I’m sure that CPJ will be chewing some people out this week as he always does. But as long as the guys know when to play their A game (VT, MIAMI, Clemson, UGA) the we will be fine. I am concerned that they might drop a couple of these though, unless they keep their focus (you said that someone would say that – you were right).

    All in all, I enjoyed the game and the Wolfpack fans were very good to me (I sat in enemy territory last night).


    GT Nuke

    • Michaelgoldfeder

      Hi GT NUke,

      It’s one thing if the other team plays well to stay in the game, as opposed to the Yellow Jackets keeping them in the game with sloppy play.  At the moment we are continuing to win and have yet to play anything close to an A game.  That is a good sign, and hopefully we can get past Maryland next week.  We are winning and that”s what matters the most, so in the meantime it gives the coaching staff plenty to talk about and helps GT become a better team as the season progresses.  A road win is great no matter how it is accomplished.