North Carolina Basketball recruit sidelined

As top ranked North Carolina readies itself for Thanksgiving tomorrow and then what should be a whirlwind of games, beginning with a pair of games out west in the Las Vegas Invitational and ending with the #1 vs #2 match up against Kentucky at Rupp Arena, here is a small tidbit about one of the future players for head coach Roy Williams and North Carolina. Isiah Hicks, a 6’8″ 200 lbs power forward in the 2013 class, who has committed to Carolina has been sidelined due to eligibility issues. Hicks is a five star recruit on, four star recruit on, is 14th in the ESPN Top 60 and is the highest ranked player to have chosen a school already. In a small blog, also on the World Leader in Sports web site, I found a quote about the story…

“He transferred into our school district this year. We are still awaiting the records from his previous school district to determine his eligibility,’’ said Stan Winborne, the public information officer for Granville County schools. “So right now, he is not playing. When we get the records, that could change.”

It looks of this it’s just a problem of documents not being in the right place at the right time and nothing more, even if the last part of the quote makes you wonder a bit, does it not? However, while having nothing to do with basketball or eligibility, it has to be said that in a day and age like now, where technology is at its best, you have to wonder how come records and such can not be moved with a click of a mouse or by hitting enter after writing an email. I guess until that does happen Hicks will wait his turn to get on the court and play with his new team.

From what I have read and heard of the young man from Oxford, N.C. he does gifted with talents that you just can not teach, such as speed and athleticism. On offense he can explode off the blocks and on defense he will block or alter many a shots. However, just like John Henson before him, the young man will need to bulk up to play at the next level. Hicks will also need to find a mid range shot and a couple of post moves in order to become the “complete package” while in the college ranks. It’s somewhat of a shame that this has to happen since getting players that chose their team so early are what head coaches want, as they can mold them while they move up in their high school career, by telling them what they need to work on and improve. It also gives the player, if close enough to the college, a chance to get to see how the program works and get to gel with the players he will someday be on the court with.

I will make sure to keep an eye on the story and see if the young man gets back on the court or not, but for now the only thing anyone can do is to see when these records show up.