North Carolina vs Tennessee State: The Grades

As I am going to try to do after every game for the hardwoods here are my grades for the game between top ranked North Carolina and Tennessee State played last night at the Dean Dome. As far as the recap of the game you can check it out here, while keeping in mind that head coach Roy Williams’ squad will be back in action on Friday, at the Las Vegas Invitational, against South Carolina, with the tip off at 10:00 pm EST (televised on ESPN2). Which means I will have my preview of that game online on Friday afternoon. Also remember that the football team will be on the field on Saturday at Kenan Stadium for “Senior Day” against in-state rival Duke, so make sure to come back in the morning to see my preview for that game as well. But now, without further ado, here are the grades for the Tenn State game…

John Henson, A. The junior forward seems to have become the early season leader of this team, once again getting a double double, along with six assists and four blocks.

Kendall Marshall, A. The sophomore point guard dished out 15 assists for the second time in three games and looked good being the floor general for this high powered squad.

Reggie Bullock, A. Hitting 6 out 7 threes and ending up with 23 points in 18 minutes has to give the sophomore guard that vote. Hopefully this won’t be the last time he has this type of performance.

Tyler Zeller, B+. The senior center is playing well as he is playing tall and strong, with a 12 points seven rebounds output. The one thing that he didn’t do is score more, and for that he got a vote just under an A.

Harrison Barnes, B+. The sophomore phenom played well, but just was not as good as the two with an A grade. His 16 points in 26 minutes was good, but he spoiled us last season and seeing him at 20 points or more is what we want.

P.J. Hairston, B. He could have been a bit better but the time played, 13 minutes, might have hindered his vote as he scored eight points, three assists and three rebounds.

James McAdoo, B. Again time played for this freshman could have made this grade less than it should or could have been. His seven points and four rebounds in 12 minutes was something a bit less than what is needed from him during the season.

Dexter Strickland, C. For one who looks to score first, be it at his natural shooting guard spot or moving to the point, he can not have just six points in 25 minutes. I battled for a while to give him a lower vote as the junior had three turnovers as well.

Agree with my grades or not? Make sure to leave a comment and I will make sure to reply to it.