Philadelphia Eagles Pounded by Brady, Patriots

Well, I think everyone expected the Eagles lose, but I don’t think they expected the birds to get pounded. The final score was 38-20, but it wasn’t that close. This game was not even competitive after the first quarter. This loss drops the Eagles to a dismal 4-7 record and makes it virtually impossible to make the playoffs.


The offense was on fire during the first two drives of the game. The Eagles jumped out to a quick 10-0 lead, but that wouldn’t last. The Patriots 32nd ranked defense smothered the Eagles offense for the final three quarters of the game.

Vince Young did not play all that bad. His numbers actually looked very good. He completed 26 of 48 passes for a whopping 400 yards and a touchdown, with one interception. These numbers came largely between the 20s, the Eagles stalled in the red zone twice in the second half.

DeSean Jackson was benched after the third quarter. The assumption is that he was benched because he dropped two sure TD passes. One was a lack of effort because he did not want to get hit by the Patriots defender. LeSean McCoy had a meager 10 carries for 31 yards and a touchdown.

Grade: C-


The defense was a disaster for three and a half quarters. They could not do a thing to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots offense. Brady completed 24 passes for 361 yards and three touchdowns. His QB rating was an amazing 134.6. The highest QB rating you can get is 145.

Once again the defense could not hold on third down, which may be the most frustrating part of all. The tackling was porous, the coverage was soft. There’s not much to say other than this defense absolutely stunk today.

Grade: F


Overall the coaching was bad today. Why would you throw a pass to the back of the endzone on 4th and one at the two yard line? Why

Both Andy Reid and Juan Castillo have been under heavy fire the past couple of weeks

did they completely abandon the run? I know the Patriots are weak in the secondary, but you can’t completely abandon the run game if you want to win.

The defensive scheme was terrible. Why are the Eagles playing a soft zone against the most accurate QB in the league? Overall it was just a poor game plan and a bad day for the whole coaching staff.

The Eagles fans starting chanting Fire Andy! during the third quarter. Outside the stadium, people were selling shirts that said: Trim the Fat, Fire Andy.

I still think Andy Reid is a good coach, but I think that maybe it is time for a fresh start for both him and the Eagles organization.

Grade: F

It would take a miracle of miracles for this team to make the playoffs, the only thing they can do now is just continue to work hard and try to improve going into next season.