Dwight Howard Adds Chicago to His List

Three weeks ago I wrote about a hypothetical trade scenario that would send Dwight Howard to the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls weren’t even on Howard’s list of teams he wanted to play for, but yesterday that all changed.

Howard came out and said he could see himself playing for the Bulls and that he would love to play with his “brother” Derrick Rose. It still isn’t even certain Orlando will trade Howard, but if they keep playing like they have during their three game losing streak the trade might not be in their control.

The only thing that kept Howard’s trade demands quiet for a while was Orlando’s early success, but now that has worn off and Howard is back to thinking about his future and where he wants to be. I still believe Chicago is the best place for him because they have the strongest nucleus of players built up so he could come in and they wouldn’t have to adjust.

Chicago would feature the league’s best point guard and best center which I feel is the best combination a team can have. I also don’t have as big of a problem with this trade in the sense of them building a ‘super team” because that just doesn’t seem like the case here. You don’t have two stars that play the same position coming together just to be on the same team as another star like Amare and Carmelo. It’s also different than the Heat in regards to how the players came together. Miami’s big three just wanted to play together and win but they didn’t look at each other’s games and realize guys like LeBron James and Dwyane Wade might struggle in becoming cohesive with one another.

In other words those teams were greedy and didn’t need to add the stars they did, whereas a Howard trade to Chicago would improve the team as well as both Rose and Howard’s games.

It really seems unlikely now that Howard will finish the season in Orlando, and it’s beginning to look like he may be traded sooner than later. This also bodes well for the Bulls. If Howard is going to get traded soon it is nice to have your name crop up as a team he wants to play for around that time because it is fresh on his mind and I’m sure Howard will have a bit of say in where he ends up.

The biggest problem I see is Chicago’s trade material. Joakim Noah would probably have to be part of the trade as well as a couple of first round draft picks. Other teams have better trade bait which could hurt Chicago, but if they remain the place Howard wants to go anything can happen.

  • bhanu03

    Howard should go to bulls.. Rose needs someone like him..

  • 2fast2strong

    you and anyone else that ever says that are so stupid, they can’t trade him because the magic won’t want him because of his contract. Plus right now Noah and Boozer are both better playing at the high post which is why they don’t always gel together very well. Dwight on the other hand is a low post player so I could see Boozer and Dwight playing well with each other

    • Alec Brzezinski

      I was only talking about on the court. I know there are other variables that would stop this trade, but if it can get worked out Howard and Rose would compliment each other well. And unless you are in charge of the Magic I don’t think you really know what they want and don’t want.

  • chicagtown

    Trade Carol Boozer Duhhhhh