North Carolina Basketball: Most brackets have them as a Two Seed

As I read around isportsweb today I found this very interesting article about Who are the final 68. The first thing I checked out was if North Carolina was in it, a given of course, and then how many the author put for the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is five. From there I decided to look into a bit deeper about the Tar Heels and what the bracketologists (both from main stream media and not) around the internet say of their position right now. Always keeping in mind that depending on how the top teams fare down the line might, or might not, affect the seeding.

  • Like him or not, think that he is good in his predictions or not, when you talk about bracketology you always have to go to the man who began the craze, Joe Lunard over at ESPN. He has UNC as a second seed in the West, and as a conference sees the ACC with six teams. Weird about this bracket for the Heels? The top seed would be head coach Roy Williams’ old team, Kansas!
  • Over at College Hoops Net, where Shawn Siegel has always done an excellent job with his predictions, Carolina is a second seed as well. CHN, like isportsweb, only has five teams from the conference in the tournament as of now, with Miami being the last one, while ESPN has the `Canes in their last four in.
  • Another daily stop for me, Rush the Court, puts the Heels once again on the second line of the tournament, this time in the East, and the top team would be Syracuse. Weird about this bracket? Two of the top ACC teams, UNC and FSU are in it, while another bracket has no teams from the conference, so I am not sure if this would happen. RTC has five teams from the ACC in the tournament, which seems to be the trend.
  • SBNation’s Blogging the Bracket once again puts Carolina on the second line of their bracket, this time having Kentucky as the top in the South region. For this blogger the ACC should see six teams in and more interesting is that he sees Duke as top seed in the tournament at this moment while having FSU as a seven seed. Weird about this bracket? UNC and UK already met this season and not sure if the committee would want another rematch of the game (even if it would be in the Elite Eight) unless it was in New Orleans.

And there you have it, just a sampling of what some of the blogs out there are saying about both North Carolina and the conference as a whole when it comes to March Madness. I will try to post each of the next few weeks something like this to see how the Tar Heels look as we count down to Selection Sunday, which is less than four weeks away.

As far as I am concerned I agree that the second line is the right place for the Tar Heels right now. But with five games to go, with a three way tie for atop of the Atlantic Coast Conference, with two Top 25 match ups on the road left, that spot is definitely not a secure one for coach Williams’ squad. The team would have to play perfect ball, meaning win all the rest of the regular season games and the ACC Tournament afterwards if they wanted a chance to climb up to the top seed, meaning they would have to probably beat Duke twice along with either Virginia or Florida State. It should be an interesting month for the team from Chapel Hill and we will definitely see some excellent basketball in the conference going down the stretch as teams are battling for the top spot in the conference, a good placement in the NCAA Tournament or just to be able to not be on the outside looking in.