Philadelphia Phillies Storyline: The Philadelphias

Jimmy Rollins will lead the Philadelphia Phillies onto the diamond with a clean slate under the Florida sunshine. Does a name describe a club as the decades are finalized in the record books? Or did it have a different meaning in 1884?

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I am doing a weekly Baseball-Fix Monday until the end of March. Also, I’ll publish after every game that is not washed out during the summer. My format will remain the same in 2012 with Nitecap Insight, The Precap (restructured as the Precap Pitch), and The Apocalyptic Horsemen. Cap-Size Hindsight will feature certain players plus participants who warrant mention, good and bad, for what they have done in the contest or clubhouse. Penthouse Occupancy will cover all remarkable plays along with solid performances during critical moments by the locals. The best of those will receive The Crystal Champagne Toast. Cholley’s Doghouse is filled every now and then with a slacking effort. The Outhouse is for something that stinks, like a bad ump call. The Glass House is a stone’s throw away for a man who blows his opportunity to nail a juicier role. The Miniature Mansion is for off-field excellence, like a locker-room influence. However, these houses don’t have visitors after every battle: Some do and others don’t.

New wrinkles this season are: The Kangaroo Court House, Fun House Of Mirrors and Rally Tal & Cap. The Big House Key will lock some in and reveal The Rising Son on others. My heckler, Sporty Rant, is back. I call him that for his unsportsmanlike ranting. Thank you, Sporty, for the following inspiration. My Critic’s Choice:  Precap Pitch is an innovative non-stat-oriented approach.

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Team Of The Same Name:


Organizations have a decision to make long before the boys of summer take the field for the 1st time. That hasn’t changed throughout the course of the sport. Franchises have selected banners based on the color of their socks, a local connection, an activity,  an animal, characters and native Americans. The Phils fall into the area-related category. Historically, Philly was just the lone city to have its NL representative named after it, and its AL entry was the only one designated by an activity.

The original term was the Philadelphias. Like Philly is short for Philadelphia, Phillies is the abbreviated form of Philadelphias. Other squads with geographic-specific identifications involved different aspects. They are: New York (metropolis), Washington (the nation), Milwaukee (the beer manufactures), Colorado (the Rocky Mountains), Los Angeles (pejorative term for Brooklyn residents by Manhattanites), Houston (the space industry), Minnesota (Minneapolis-St. Paul), Seattle (maritime business) and Texas (law enforcement).

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Frank Rocco's Photo At Bright House Field

If the Mayans were right, this would be the final campaign. In that case a look back to the beginning of the red pinstripes is an excellent place for a revisit. Harry Wright became the manager for their sub-par sophomore year, but during his following 9 tours, they finished in the first division. That was the way they distinguished the top 4 from the bottom 4 finishers before partitioned play. The hometown nine had 11 consecutive upper-end results, which–in the last 3–included 4th-and-3rd-place rankings against 11 other franchises. Like Wright, Cholley Manuel has had a long run to bookend the last 7 summers. Of 11 straight successful seasons, the only blemish was the 80-81 result (3rd) from 2002. Manuel has 646 triumphs, Wright had 636 victories, and Gene Mauch had 646 wins. The Little General was the only one with a below .500 mark.

Harry Wright On The Bench

The Phillies are a franchise that only appeared in 2 Fall Classics over their first 97 years. However, they have reached the big dance on 5 occasions over the recent 32 campaigns, which is a rate of 15 for 96 tours. The winning in the late 19th century (1885-1895) was at the beginning, and–now–it is the early days (2001-2011) of 106 Septembers after. That is not the only bookend for the locals. The aces of today are Cliff Lee (33), Doc Halladay (34) and Cole Hamels (35). The retired numbers in centerfield are that of Robin Roberts (32) and Steve Carlton (36), which surrounds the current studs.

Camp Clearwater opened Saturday and most publications will review the off-season, 2011, or the health status of the walking wounded. I will cover those issues during the advancement of February and March. This article is about how the club arrived at 2012 from the 1883 Quakers. Plus, there was a Jack Russell Memorial Stadium in the spring before Bright House Field. After it was demolished in 2007, only some stands and the playing field remained for collegiate or amateur competition.


Frank Rocco's Photo Reminds Us Of Our Younger Days


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Hello, here is a warm welcome to Frank Rocco ( posted in Phillies Fans of Spring Training ), Phillies Inphielder and all my Facebook friends. Two photos were from Frank, who is absorbing every second of baseball in Florida. Many Phillies faithful frequent our sites, and I encourage my readers, Frank’s followers and PI’s friends to repeatedly visit our three corners of the Internet.  We have the love of our team in common and should support each other, yes?


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Robin Roberts

Awhile back I saw a poll on grading 2011 from A to F. I wondered not how they voted but why they selected their category. This is how they must have viewed last year. F was for not being triumphant in the World Series I imagine, while D must have equaled not capturing–at least–the pennant. The C rating would be for not getting to the NLCS, which involves only October. My personal selection is a B for not moving past the first round, which takes into consideration the 40 games over .500. A would have to be for the record-setting 102 victories by the most generous fans. They realized the Phils again were defeated by the World Champions, like 2009 and 2010.


Some feel the progression of the last few campaigns will lead to no playoffs. I don’t see it that way because I envision a last hurrah before Father Time’s clock strikes midnight. In the 2007 NLDS, the red pinstripes were swept, won it all for 2008, lost the 2009 Fall Classic and the 2010 NLCS. After being setback in the ‘07 NLDS, they raised the trophy the following October. An encore masterpiece is a destiny to be realized by a core that wants 1 more ring than the 1980 Champions.



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The Phillies finished 42 games over .500, which equaled a season of many positives. I will have many summer-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats. I alternated the 2011 ERA For The NL East ( Philadelphia Phillies: 2011 ERA For The NL East At Game 162 And Final ) and 2011 ERA For The MLB 5 ( Philadelphia Phillies: Final 2011 ERA For The MLB 5 At Game 162 ) with the last 2 in the links. Thank you, to all who bookmarked the Phillies page, because feeds are erratic at times. Many visitors come from these outlets, and it is always obvious when one of those didn’t work. Tal’s Handy Stats is daily coverage. The 2012 MLB 5 may feature the Halos or Cardinals, while the Sox and Dodgers may be replaced.

Note:  A site format change slightly altered the original ERA postings, but I’ll adjust my material accordingly for 2012. Two photos were used for game 162 on both, where 1 to 161 (1 picture) experienced only minimal distortion, unlike the finals.