Give Nash A Chance

Steve Nash has been one of the best and most creative point guards in the NBA for over a decade now. He hasn’t won a title yet, and he won’t win one in his remaining years at Phoenix, so they should trade him and give him one last chance to do so.

Nash is a class act and won’t come out and demand a trade from the team he’s been with for so long, but inside he would really like to go to a title contender for his last couple of years. Even at the age of 38, Nash still leads the league in assists at 10.9 a game. He is also scoring 13.8 points, which is down from his career average, but still is more than serviceable.

There are options out there for Nash if Phoenix is willing to trade him. Portland is a young team that could make a deep championship run if they received a veteran leader to run the show. Nash and LaMarcus Aldridge would form a very formidable 1-2 punch. He still might not be enough to put Portland over the edge however, so that probably wouldn’t be his first choice.

The Atlanta Hawks could be a good destination for him assuming they are willing to give up Jeff Teague or Josh Smith in the trade. The Hawks have a better nucleus of talent than Portland does, so I could see Nash being more willing to go to Atlanta. Atlanta can also be a fly-by-night sort of team that sometimes lacks structure, so if there is a better option Nash might be apt to take it.

Nash’s best case scenario for winning a championship either this year or next would be for Dwight Howard to stay in Orlando and bring in Nash for Jameer Nelson and Jason Richardson. It would give Orlando every piece of the puzzle needed to win a championship. Leadership in Nash, shooting in Redick and Anderson, and the best center in the league in Howard; this wouldn’t lock up a championship for him, but it would be his best option.

I don’t think Howard will stay in Orlando under any circumstances, so it will likely be either Atlanta or Portland for Nash if he’s traded. They may not be his best options for winning a title, but they are an improvement over Phoenix.