North Carolina Basketball: Marshall’s cast is off

Since all have been waiting for anything and everything about the MidWest Region top seed North Carolina point guard Kendall Marshall, here is the one thing that comes from the player himself. Or better said, from his twitter feed…

Now, what does this mean? I truly do not know, aside that this has to be a positive thing, since if he did not have it off there is no way that he could play. On ESPN there is an article where Marshall’s father said the following…

“All I know is he got it off this morning. Swelling is down, incision looks good,” Dennis Marshall said in a text to

So as the whirlwind of could/should/may he play tomorrow against No. 13 Ohio continues here are my thoughts on it. Even if the sophomore floor general could go tomorrow night I would hold him back and bring him into the game only if absolutely needed. Then, if Carolina was to make it to Sunday’s game I would play him then, giving all the chances possible for the Tar Heels to make it to the Final Four, something that Doug Gottlieb doesn’t believe can happen, and has the team pumped to prove him wrong. In the end, I believe that the Tar Heels can get past the first game of this weekend, but they will have to have Marshall to make it to New Orleans.

  • Blueberry124

    OK, Here’s the deal. The two injured starters for North Carolina must realize they will be targets during the game. Ohio will be after re-injuring the wrist of both in normal play action. The ref”s however can not show special treatment in their calls because of the injury. I think we will see near flagrant fouls committed during this game with no calls from the ref’s.

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