Michigan State Basketball: Derrick Nix arrested

Additional update from Diamond Leung of MLive.com:

Nix, 21, was arrested at approximately 12:20 a.m. on misdemeanor charges of operating with any presence of drugs and also marijuana possession, according to the court record. An East Lansing Police Department record classified one of the charges as operating under the influence of a controlled substance.

Nix, who has since been released, will have between four to 10 calendar days to make a court appearance.


Based on new information from the East Lansing 54-B court, it appears Michigan State basketball player Derrick Nix has in fact been arrested for operating a vehicle with the presence of drugs and marijuana possession. The charge is a misdemeanor offense.

Statement from Michigan State men’s basketball coach Tom Izzo
“Based on the information we have received, Derrick Nix has been suspended indefinitely from our basketball team, and his future with our program is uncertain. He made an irresponsible decision that has put his future with our program in serious jeopardy.”


isportsweb.com originally reported the following:

A source within the East Lansing Police Department has told isportsweb.com that Michigan State basketball player Derrick Nix was arrested last night for drunken driving. We are aware of the difficulty of using anonymous sources, are confident in our source, and are working to confirm this from other sources as well. No further information is available at this time.

Nix is a 6-9″, 270-lb junior from Pershing High School in Detroit, Michigan. He was rumored to be a candidate for captain in his senior season for next year’s defending Big Ten Champion Spartans. Nix turned 21 on December 11, 2011.

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  1. iSportsScott says

    haha! Thanks for the site hits and for putting money in our pockets Mr. Longstocking (love that by the way, might start using it).  Unless you actually saw the event happen, as a journalist, you have to find sources you trust and use them to report stories, which is what happened here.  Did i have anything to do with this story?  No.  But i have reported on stories before that i had to rely on my sources, and did so.  Sometimes, your sources are wrong, get over it.  Shit happens in journalism and sometimes you get the story wrong- run your mouth all you like, but it won’t get you anything other than an anonymous comment on a “piece of shit website”

  2. Pepper Longstocking says

    Hey iSportsScott why don’t you go sit on one? I read this in hopes to gain knowledge on a subject I was interested in but left wondering if anyone at this piece of shit website knew their ass from their elbow. Ill troll where ever I please if you can’t take the criticism you should consider a different profession. Quit putting out shit and know the story before you report it. You did learn that in journalism 101 correct? Or were you just taught to post anything you see on the internet and skip the whole due diligence process?  

  3. Pepper Longstocking says

    Thats what I thought…..your probably this guys roommate. Why don’t you toss his salad on your own time?

  4. Pepper Longstocking says

    It was a marijuana possession this is what I am talking about with you guys. You are a disgrace to journalism. Anyone who takes this website to be credible should be blasted in the face with a shovel. If your curious why no one gives a shit about your website its because of this nonsense. meatspin> isportsweb

  5. Pepper Longstocking says

    This is the biggest story isportsweb has ever broke and outside of east lansing no one cares about it. Close up shop isportsweb……..YOU SUCK

    • Pepper Longstocking says

      How credible is a source that reports the wrong thing? Riddle me that Thad? Is isportsweb your homepge? 

  6. Pepper Longstocking says

    isportsweb is ran by a bunch of idiots so this source may not even be credible…….isportsweb is a homeless man’s bleacher report

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