North Carolina Basketball: UNC awaits McAdoo’s decision

Late last week James McAdoo’s dad said that his son was coming home and would have a decision soon, but he would probably be coming back to Chapel Hill. Yesterday morning Ronnie McAdoo texted that his son would be making the decision this week, or by the weekend at the latest. And while I praise both the young man and his family for taking their time in this decision, the reality is that the longer the decision takes, the less the chance that McAdoo, who averaged 6.1 pts, 3.9 reb in 15.6 mins, will come back to Carolina for a second season.

“We hope to have a decision (by) this weekend,” the elder McAdoo said in a text message.

The 6’9″/220 lbs forward had a so-so regular season, at times looking truly uncomfortable when on the floor. However McAdoo’s stock began to rise as the post season arrived, with his points going from 6.1 to 10.6 per game. With starter John Henson being out a couple of games due to his wrist injury the freshman stepped in and had one good game after another. In the last game of the year, when UNC lost to KU McAdoo was the leading Tar Heel scorer with fifteen points. The first weekend of the NCAA Tournament the freshman scored 17 points against Vermont.

As the coaches and the fan base wait for the freshman to give his decision one thing is certain, at a program like North Carolina, where the bigs have been a key to the offense for quite a while, might be without a proven go to guy in the paint when next season comes. If that is the case, let’s hope that the perimeter guys are ready to play, cause they will have to!

  • Dubdiggler08

    This dude sucks right now. He looked rediculous on the court majority of the season. No shot and no d besides a few lucky steals. Do unc a favor and go pro!

    • chapmanj

      Stupidest thing I have ever heard

    • Rick L

      This dude showed up with key performances when it mattered and matured right on time. Steals aren’t really lucky; you must be thinking of turnovers which isn’t the same thing. He’s started to find his shot and he’s tough.

      He would be a great pick but UNC needs him, where he could stand to improve even more. I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to say that he sucks. Besides, it’s the offseason; whose performance are you comparing him to “right now”?