The Dallas Mavericks Lose Ugly To The LA Clippers, 94-75

Ok, here’s the low down; are you ready for it, well here it is; the Dallas Mavericks acted as if they didn’t want to play a professional basketball game tonight against the Los Angeles Clippers. That’s it, in a nutshell, done.

Now I am a big, huge Mavs fan, but the game tonight was a disaster almost from tip to final buzzer. In listening to the commentators during and after the game, they felt the same way I did and one of them overheard a longtime fan comment that it reminded him of the Mavs during the early 90’s, and that was some ugly basketball.

There was no defense at all, a lot of the time, otherwise you wouldn’t have had Randy Foye, who averages about 11 points a game, get wide open and I mean wide open to make 8 three-pointers out of the 15 he attempted and you certainly wouldn’t have Blake Griffin making poster children out of your big men by giving him an open basket to make the ooh and ahh slam dunks on your home court. I have not witnessed anything like this out of the Mavs in a while and it really concerns me.

I know everybody is going to have an off night, but come on; Dallas looked like the Clippers did a couple of years ago and the Clippers looked like Dallas did last season in the playoffs against the Lakers; kind of ironic don’t you think?

So you didn’t have Jason Kidd running the show on the court, that doesn’t mean you can’t play basketball, but there were times when they were just looking around and at each other as if to say, “what are we supposed to do”? And by the time they figured it out, bam, another three-pointer, another in your face dunk or just another basket scored on you and you don’t know what  to do.

At this point, Dallas is going to be lucky to make it into the playoffs, even in the #8 seed, and if they get there, well they might as well hang it up because they will be facing the Oklahoma City Thunder who they have not been able to beat and as Dallas has been slipping, the other teams, or most  of the other teams have been getting stronger and that light at the tunnel is getting smaller by the minute.

Here we sit, we let some of the talent we had from last season go, and I really feel that it was to try to persuade Dwight Howard and/or Deron Williams in coming to Dallas and they had to make some salary cap space and we came into this season a little hung over and not really as prepared as we should have been, evidence, Dirk. There has never been a season that he didn’t come into training camp in tip-top shape and ready to play ball and hungry to win, but this season was a different story, as it was for most of them.

Yes, I know they finally won the trophy, and they have been partying a lot since then, but everyone else knew that eventually the season would get going, why didn’t we? Why weren’t we prepared? We weren’t and it is definitely showing now, because everyone else is hungry for the trophy and we’re standing there with our thumbs up our backsides trying to figure out what we are supposed to do next.

Well guys, you friggin’ play the game until the season is over, no matter when that is. That’s what you get paid to do, this is a job, just like anyone else, you are paid to do your job. But tonight, some of them just didn’t do it, plain and simple.

Dirk led the Mavs in scoring, which it didn’t take much; he and JET were the only two in double-digit scoring and no one, no one was doubling in any category except wasted time on the court. Dirk had 19 points while JET added 15. Shawn Marion was the only other person that attempted to do any good tonight, he had 4 points and 9 rebounds. That’s it, everyone else had anywhere from 0 to 6 points. Well it was evident, since Dallas only shot 39% from the field, and 21.7 from downtown and 58.8% from the free throw line, 58%, that’s it. They also had 13 turnovers and 38 rebounds, now that’s some fine stats.

On the  other hand, Foye led the Clippers with 28 points, while Griffin had 15 points and 16 rebounds. Former Maverick, Caron Butler, burned his former team for 13 points, Nick Young added 10 and Chris Paul had 8 points, but 10 assists. The Clippers shot 47% from the field, 34.4% from downtown, with the help of Foye, and 41.7% from the free throw line. They also had 13 turnovers, but had 49 rebounds.

You can’t win a ballgame when you constantly get outrebounded in every game and out of the last 5-6 games, Dallas has been outrebounded in double-digits figures. Now tell me, where does the trouble lie? I’ll tell you, everywhere.

A couple of weeks ago, JET had shown his discontent for not being in the game in the waning moments of the game and then he made a comment about some changes needed to be made. You know JET, you are right, some changes do need to be made. You need to sit you butt down and look at the tape of this game and see how many open three’s Foye got because you were not guarding him as you were supposed to have been.

There were several times when he got open, you made a run at him, only to stick your hand up in the air and run by him toward your basket. What the crap was that? You take ill-advised shots when there is no Mavs player at the basket to try to get a rebound in case you dont’ make the shot. Yes, you are good, but you are not that good to think that you are going to make every shot. Not even Dirk is that good.

All of you need to re-examine yourselves and get back to the basics and see what is really important to you at this point in time. Is it more important just to step out on the court and play, or is it more important to you to play as if you want to win. I’m a firm believer that you could and should learn from your mistakes, and boy was this game tonight a big, HUGE mistake. You all  helped the Clippers look better than what they are and to make yourselves look worse than you really are. Is that what y’all want? I don’t think so.

It is a constant battle each and every night for the #4-8 seeds in the Western Conference because it is such a tough conference and the other two spots are close at getting in on any given night. If you win, you might jump up a spot, but if you lose, you might drop down 2 spots, you just never know. So I again ask you, what do you want?

With that, I will bid you a good night and say good luck and let’s go Mavs!