Philadelphia Phillies storyline: unconventional smarts

Roy Halladay and the aces of the Philadelphia Phillies are living up to their billing, but not all other hyped staffs are. The experts say pitching continues to be the dominant force, but are they relying on easy numbers? Is it worth watching a national baseball broadcast to hear surface-oriented information? Facts are like an iceberg: Most of it is below the visible line.




Penthouse Occupancy
 for the 5-1 outcome:  3

The Crystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Ty Wigginton.

Ty Wigginton Goes Yard In The 7th

He upped his batting streak to 12 in the 4th. He, also, had a long solo clout in the 7th. The Doctor turned an intelligent double play to escape 6th-inning difficulty. Polly Polanco held the tag for the out on a very slight over-slide of 3rd in the 8th.

Greenhouse Cholley had visitors in the home 1st with Juan Pierre’s dribbler, a wild pitch, and Polly’s 3-1 opposite-field single for no-out runners on the corners. However, the meat of the order did not indulge in the homegrown potential.

Hunter Pence was convicted of his poor 8th-frame fielding in the Kangeroo Courthouse, which was even worse than his questionable–and similar–play against the Friars.



I will publish after every battle that is not washed out. The Phillies finished last summer 42 games over .500, which equaled a year of many positives. I will have many season-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats.



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Polly Catches The Over-Sliding Thief In The 8th






 Wisdom Acquired:


Logic dictates that the national voices are the most knowledgeable, but I’ve heard things about my club that I know to be different. Time has provided me with certain conclusions. When you spread yourself over multiple sports or teams, you have holes in your analysis. One-size-fits-all statistics are one way to compensate for breakdown depth. Age and recent performance is another dissection tool with short research.

Because there are just so many working hours daily, I follow only the red pinstripes and the rest of the majors with the leftover minutes. My ERA stats provide me with information on the division and the other top MLB rotations. The only number employed by the experts to determine that pitching is superior is the trending combined ERA for all 30 franchises. This glosses over the individual statistics for 7 of the top 12 staffs, and I cover 8 in my MLB 5 plus the NL East. That means I’m watching 8 squads very closely.

Chooch Completes The 6th-Inning DP

These ERA results indicate that somebody is hitting: Atlanta (3.93), San Francisco (3.67), Milwaukee (5.32), the Halos (4.30), the Yankees (4.49), Boston (5.86) and Tampa Bay (4.19). New York entered 2012 with 7 starters and now are banking on Andy Pettitte’s return. Freddy Garcia and Phil Hughes have been torched, while Michael Pineda is shutdown with shoulder issues that began immediately in camp due to velocity loss. Jair Jurrjens of the Braves has been demoted to Triple-A, and there are other examples under the radar.

Pierre is the best illustration that not every age-34+ player is shot. He created a good problem for the Dodgers in 2009 with Manny Ramirez out a good chunk of weeks. He hit .308 for 380 at-bats, and they were forced to take him out of the lineup, when the authorities had previously said he was definitely not a regular. Athletes are not chess pawns. They have ambition, opportunity, personality, competitiveness, pride, heart and a host of other human attributes. That’s why Pierre is averaging .333, and Cholley Manuel will find a place for him in the order.

Kentucky Joe Works In San Diego On April 22








Joe Blanton:


After an excellent 1st outing, he has encountered a bad and a fair result.  Without the relief appearance, he is 1-2 with a 4.00 ERA.  He is drawing a very favorable matchup.


1RHP Vance Worley4-4, 2.92 ERA@ MetsLHP Jon Niese6-3, 3.55 ERATuesday, Night
2LHP Cliff Lee0-5, 4.13 ERA@ MetsRHP Chris Young2-1, 3.30 ERAWednesday, Day
3LHP Cole Hamels10-4, 3.08 ERA@ MetsRHP R.A. Dickey12-1, 2.15 ERAThursday, Night


Randy Wells Pictured At Home Against The Reds On April 22


Randy Wells:


This is his 2nd replacement effort for Ryan Dempster.  He went only 5 full on 93 tosses, because he issued 5 free passes in his first appearance.  The Phils can get into the Cubs’ bullpen early to their advantage, but they will need patience at the dish.


Over The TopExcellent
3-Quarter SidearmGood
SidearmAbove Average
Short Arm Approximately Average
SubmarineBelow Average


Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.


Joe Blanton
Ian Kennedy
FOR 2012Short ArmShort Arm
'12 RANKING4th of 5 Categories4th of 5 Categories
LAST STARTSplit FingerSinker
LAST HIGH OR LOW4th of 15 Categories6th of 15 Categories


ER - R- H
1Gyroball9 (CG)0 - 0 - 310Screwball64
2Fastball9 (CG)0 - 011Knuckleball53
3Cutter9 (CG)312Forkball0 - 4.2Monstrosity
4Split Finger7213Eephus Pitch0 - 2.2Disaster
5Curveball7314*Palm BallEjected
6Sinker6.1315*Spit Ball**Ejected+
7Slider62*Breaking BallInjured
8Changeup63*FoshRain Interrupted
9Slurve52*Knuckle CurvePitch Count
** = Suspended* = A 2nd Pitch Also





DOC'S LINE: 5 INN, 6 H, 4 R, 4 ER, 3 BB, 7 K & 90 DARTS


Total11 - 83.057.019 of 27003185.21606463350169
Halladay04 - 53.987.008 of 11003072.10693232140056
Lee00 - 22.827.005 of 07000051.00411616080047
Hamels07 - 12.177.006 of 09000062.10501615130066




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