The Cleveland Browns Full Draft Report, now Breathe Easy

I wanted to take some time to really think about the draft before I wrote this article. What I expected coming into the draft was to walk away with at least three playmakers for sure and a solid Right Tackle. Those playmakers would have been RB, WR, and CB. Drafting a solid LB in the later rounds and providing depth with every other pick in the draft.

I should know by now not to get my hopes up. What say do I have in this? I could no longer be a Browns fan and become a Jets fan like many of the thoughts I had after the draft. At least the Jets act like they want to win. But no, I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I have already bought my daughter a Cleveland Browns outfit for the Browns Backer parties down here in Dallas, TX. I bleed Brown and Orange, and I die a slow death every winter. As fans we watch the revolving door of Front Office personnel promising a team that will make the city proud, while secretly planning their exit strategy. Is this a curse, The Cleveland Browns dominated football before the invention of the Super Bowl, but now we are the joke of the league. Even the Detroit Lions have gotten their acts together.

What we walked away with is a commitment to the running game.  A committment to stopping the run, and a strong armed QB that can make all the throws. This is a full list of who we drafted and what I think we can expect from them this season

RB Trent Richardson Round 1

This was a stud pick. This was the Cleveland Browns committing to a style of football that wins in the NFL. Yes this is a passing league, but passing gets you stats. Running the Football and playing solid defense wins Championships. Finally the city of Cleveland has a stud on offense. We can finally buy a Cleveland Browns football Jersey.

QB Brandon Weeden Round 1

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffith III, Ryan Tannehill were all picked ahead of Brandon Weeden. Brandon Weeden beat all of them head to head in football games and beat Andrew Luck in the Fiesta Bowl in OT.  Throw in Landry Jones a probable first round pick next year and Nick Foles a third round selection this year and he would have beaten some of the best names in College Football. He performed well at Senior Bowl practices and can make all the throws. His stats were tops among all College QB’s so the ability to throw with the big boys is there. The Cleveland Browns are looking to win now, so his age should not be a problem if we are really thinking about the reality of this situation. He is a bigger, older Colt with a Big Arm.

RT Mitchell Schwartz Round 2

The Browns are obviously focused on running the ball. Having Joe Thomas as a LT we do not need a LT, but we do need the best RT available to them and that is what Schwartz provides.

DT John Hughes Round 3

Really, we traded our picks to take this guy. Especially since there were great players still in the board, but this is what we have. The positive I will put on this is that he is a run stuffer and that is what the Browns were looking for.  He helped teammate  DT Derek Wolfe become a first round pick so maybe he will help Ahtya and Phil become All Pro players by providing depth. The thing here is that he is a reach and no one had this guy even getting drafted this early if at all.

WR Travis Benjamin Round 4

Ok, so we finally got a receiver. He is fast. He is Fast, Fast. He is something we have never had on offense. He was a huge recruit that started to come on as a big play downfield threat for Miami. Something the Browns sorely need. I’m not worried about his size, since receivers don’t get touched as much as they used too. Remember this is a passing league.

LB James Michael Johnson  Round 4

He is a LB that can play all the positions and has some speed. Will compete for the weak side starter but will be a force on special teams.

G Ryan Miller Round 5

A big guard that plays with a nasty attitude. This pick says one thing, Hello Pittsburgh, Hello Baltimore we are running it down your throat. He has the potential to start but will provide immediate depth at Guard and Tackle.

Emmanuel Acho Round 6

He is an athlete, but he is raw. The Cleveland Browns were extremely slow getting to the football and getting a player with speed never hurts and he played for a big program at Texas.

DE Billy Winn Round 6

Ok. So we get a 6th rounder in the 3rd and a, 3rd rounder in the 6th.  He can play all over the defensive line and does so with toughness and quickness. This pick definitely puts the draft back towards a positive spin because it seems that the defensive line will be a huge factor and we will finally be able to stop the run. I love this pick. Work Ethic is the reason for this decline.

CB Trevin Wade Round 7

He is like Billy Winn where work ethic is the reason for the drop. He was once grading out to a third rounder after his sophomore season but being lazy and comfortable with position has pushed him down the draft boards. In terms of talent his is right up there with the best of them when he is focused.

FB Brad Smelley Round 7

A teammate of Trent Richardson, he can block and catch and could develop well with Owen Marecic as a FB, H-back combo


Josh Cooper WR, Oklahoma State: Brandon Weeden second favorite receiver does nothing great but catches the football, run good routes. He is not that athletic but neither is Wes Welker

Jermaine Saffold WR, Missouri State:

Bert Reed WR, Florida State: Speed

Andrew Sweat LB, Ohio State

Matt Cleveland OG, Idaho

J.B. Shugarts OG/OT, Ohio State

Garth Gerhart C, Arizona State

Emanuel Davis, CB, East Carolina

Antwuan Reed, CB, Pitt

Josh Cooper, WR, Oklahoma State

Antwuan Reed, CB, Pitt

Mike Allen, CB, James Madison

Tashaun Gipson, FS, Wyoming

William Green, DE, Florida



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