Philadelphia Phillies storyline: more and less

Roy Halladay will hurl the first dart today for the Philadelphia Phillies.  He will probably go at least 7 complete, while Jonathan Papelbon will shake hands after the 27th out.  The 8th will be the only high-wire three until things fall into place.  Was last night the beginning of that?





Penthouse Occupancy for the 7-3 triumph:  2

The Crystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Chooch Ruiz.

The Lumber Company For A Day

He blasted a 2-run bomb, and gunned down a thief at 2nd during his 3 for 3 evening with 3 steaks. He was joined there by John Mayberry Jr., who also had 3 sirloins and a tater during his 2 for 4 effort.

The Warehouse showed off the lumber of Mayberry (2nd) and Ruiz (4th) with 2-RBI pokes each. Big John slammed his over the 374’ sign, and Chooch rocked his to the right-centerfield stands near the bullpens.

The Kangeroo Courthouse issued a no contest against Ty Wigginton for his double bobble in the 4th. It cost a twin killing and an out at first, but he made a diving catch to end the threat.



I will publish after every battle that is not washed out. The Phillies finished last summer 42 games over .500, which equaled a year of many positives. I will have many season-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats.



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Chooch Picks Up His 3rd Steak On A 7th-Inning Single







The Open Gate:


In any game there are 27 outs and they are all presumed to be equal. That said, some of them are more difficult than others. Every turn through the rotation, hopefully, requires 45 innings. The number ones are good for 21, the other starters can handle 12, and Papelbon covers 5. That’s 38 and it leaves 21 outs to come from somewhere. Of course, it never plays exactly to that script.

J-Roll Handcuffs The 3rd-Frame Crook After Chooch's Perfect Throw

Tonight, Doc might breeze through 8 or 9 and Cinco Ocho can enjoy high fives. On most nights, you will have to get 3 outs before the centerfield entrance opens for Paps. Big Truck Contreras has proven he can handle closing, is regaining arm strength, and the location is the final key for consistency. Chad Qualls corrected his mechanical flaw and raised my confidence in him simultaneously. Antonio Bastardo appears to be headed in the right direction, where he again can enjoy big moments.

Big John Enjoys A 3rd Steak In The 7th After An Earlier Tater


These 3 are the cogs between the 5-man staff and number 58. Qualls will own the 8th, Bastardo can accumulate 6 outs (7th & 8th) until his 8th-inning re-emergence, and Contreras will settle into the 7th temporarily. When he is completely back, you’ll see him in the 8th also. Remember, these are the holds and the tied-up situations. And then there is Jake Diekman, who will be that 2nd lefty we’ve sorely needed. He is going to take a ‘pen seat away from Michael Stutes or David Herndon.

What? No probably?


Doc Loads Up During The 2nd At The Bank Against The Mets On May 7







Doc Halladay:


He is due for a sparkling performance and the Pads won’t offer much resistance. However, it might not be a quick nine because his match-up requires a lot of pitches per outing.  Plus, the sticks might just make some more noise.


[table id=127 /]


Edinson Volquez Enjoys Home Cooking Against The Rox On May 7


Edinson Volquez:


Looking at his ERA, you see an ace or 2008. He is either benefiting from the change of scenery or cavernous Petco Park.  Only 1 start was a road battle of 4 all-earned runs for 5 frames in Los Angeles.  He won’t get away with mistakes at the Bank, and he has walked 3 or more in 5 of 7 offerings.

[table id=84 /]



Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.



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Philadelphia Phillies storyline: under the radar

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: burn rate



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