North Carolina Basketball: Kentucky back on the schedule in `13-`14

Many people, and not just fans of both programs, had been pretty upset when the series between North Carolina and Kentucky was cancelled after it had been played for the last twelve seasons in a row. Well, about a week ago, Kentucky’s head coach John Calipari announced the showdown between two of the winningest programs will return for the `13-`14 season.

We are adding North Carolina back to the schedule for the 2013-14 season. The game will be played opposite of our Louisville series (when we play Louisville at home, we’ll play North Carolina on the road, and vice versa). Roy Williams and I both agreed this was a good year to take a break. We both look forward to continuing this series in 2013-14 for two more years and beyond.

For someone like me, who has been watching/following North Carolina for over three decades, getting this match up back is a great thing. Not just for the two programs, but for college basketball as a whole. As major conferences become more and more evident due to the football needs, schools such as UNC may lose out on these type of out of conference games, and while it’s great for the gridiron it is not for the hardwoods. So, for anyone that has not been watching games like this, begin to do so, because you might not be able to do so in a decade.