US Soccer: Player grades vs Brazil

US Player Grades (1-10 Scale, 10 being the best)


Tim Howard (7)- The Everton keeper had three big saves for the US and was strong throughout the match. Unfortunately his defense allowed Brazil to have easy chances in front of the net that were impossible for Howard to save.

Steve Cherundolo (6)- The Brazilian speed on the wings beat Cherundolo all night long.

Oguchi Onyewu (3)- It was not a pleasant return to national attention for “Gooch” who was five steps behind the Brazilians at all times.

Carlos Bocanegra (2)- This might have been the worst national team performance for the captain, who made foolish mistakes with the ball and was unable to make clean passes in the middle. Onyewu and Bocanegra are two veterans that looked liked they were playing their first game, give the credit to Brazil who is known for making players look silly.

Fabian Johnson (8)- The young German made his best debut in the stars and stripes against the best competition he has ever played against. Johnson was brilliant on the wing, leading offensive attacks including the assist to Gomez before the half. Other than getting burned a few times, Johnson held strong on the defense against Brazilian forward Hulk.

Michael Bradley (7)-After a slow start, Bradley began to get more involved offensively and continued to make stellar passes forward including the setup feed to Fabian Johnson just before the half.

Johnson, Gomez, and Bradley were the brightest against Brazil for the US.

Jermaine Jones (5)- For being one of the brightest young players for the US, Jones did not live up to the hype. Sloppy passing and reckless challenges were more prominent than his ability to push forward.

Maurice Edu (7)- The Rangers midfielder was consistent in the middle other than a few blown passes and held stronger defensively than his teammates.

Jose Torres (5)- Klinsmann’s high praises for Torres may have put too much pressure on the youngster, who was unable to play his game against the similar style Brazilians.

Landon Donovan (7)- After a hat-trick against Scotland, Landon continued to be on offensive prowl getting involved in multiple chances for the US.

Herculez Gomez (10)- From the first whistle Gomez was flying all over the field, running from end to end helping both the defense and offense. After a turn-around year in Mexico, it seems Gomez’s triumphant return versus Brazil may give him the starting job throughout qualifiers.


Michael Parkhurst (5)- Don’t worry Michael, your not the first to be embarrassed by Neymar and you certainly won’t be the last.

Terrence Boyd (7)- With only 17 minutes to play, Boyd made the most of his opportunity getting involved offensively.

Clint Dempsey (7)- The Texan was not 100% but was still able to create chances and should have scored.

***Castillo/Beckerman (Not enough time on field to grade)


  • Rusty Kuntz

    This maybe the worst game evaluation i have ever seen, first off all, when you lose a 4-1, no player on the losing team should get more than a 7.5 rating which only MBradley deserved, Dolo got beat on the flanks all night as you pointed out, that deserves a 4, and that’s generous, Gouchi deserves a 1, Boca played bad, but not as bad as Gouchi, Fab Johnson was okay, maybe a 7 or 6.5, but not great, Everybody is just happy because it appears we found a LB, Edu was your worst rating, he was absolutely terrible, his passing and composure on the ball was terrible, 4 goal on about 12 good chances for Brazil should tell you that no play had a good game defensively, certainly not Edu, Torres didn’t play as bad as people are saying, He is a attacking Central Mid, that loves to hold the ball and pass and be creative, He is useless in a game where we are going to sit back and let brazil play, Coach said we needed to be “nasty,” how are we going to do that if he orders the foward not to put any real, consistant presure on the backline, Brazil central backs were relaxed all game, giving great passes out of the back, WE CANNOT PLAY LIKE THAT AGAINST TEAMS LIKE SPAIN AND BRAZIL and expect to win, Torres is useless in a defensive minded game, Torres is a great player though i think, he remind me off Xavi or David Siliva, of course not as good, but play type of soccer, Bradley played really good, not great, for i think he was alittle “tried” on defense, but he was certainly the best player for USA on the team, Donovan deserved a 4.5, Marcelo is a world class talent though, and Donovan never been a player who can break people down on the dribble, he always used his speed to get pass people, that was not going to work on a faster Marcelo, Donovan was involved in a unwinable match up, Gomez played really good too, he moved well, I wish he would have gotten more chances. Dempsey needs to star, but overall your ratings were to high for a team that lost 4-1, you need to go back and watch the game!