Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Trade considerations

Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies is headed for Clearwater, and the club is looking to add a piece in the bullpen.  Rube Amaro has to replace Jose Contreras by acquiring outside help.  Who will be dealt and be received?  And when?




Penthouse Occupancy for the  5-1 outcome:  1

The Chrystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Juan Pierre.

Juan Pierre Leaps For A 4th-Inning Paint Scrapper

The multi-hits leader on the team went 3 for 4 to now average .340, batting 2nd.

The Kangeroo Courthouse convicted Joe Blanton of allowing the opposing starter to homer off him in the 3rd.

The Whitehouse opened its gates for Magic Juan in the 6th, when he accomplished the rare bunt double.

The Birdhouse was visible in the 7th for Blanton due to buzzard’s luck from 3 under-.200 sticks. They loaded the bases with a 7-pitch walk, a broken-bat seeing-eye single, and a sac-bunt that went for a hit by his mound opponent. That was followed by a ringing two-bagger, and a reliever’s wild pitch for a tally of 3.

Hunter Pence made the Leather Warehouse with a diving catch in the 9th.



I will publish after every battle that is not washed out. The Phillies finished last summer 42 games over .500, which equaled a year of many positives. I will have many season-long highlights of puzzle pieces, especially important after drubbings and defeats.


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Hunter Snags A Rocket In The 9th






The Debate:


This is the first of a series, requiring time-consuming research. Rube is restricted financially with $5M for the trade deadline and by his roster. He needs a right-handed power stick for August through October, but where would that player fit? Leftfielder Pierre is at .340 and Jimmy Rollins is struggling in the leadoff role.

Brian Schneider Converts The Easy Out In The 7th

Amaro is set with C Chooch Ruiz and SS Rollins. 2B Utley and 1B Ryan Howard are not trade items until they prove they are healthy. That leaves CF Shane Victorino, RF Pence and 3B Polly Polanco. One could be part of a more complicated swap that is beyond my ability to speculate on. Amaro would have to barter one of them for the lumber, and a substitute at their position. And, of course, the money would have to work as well.

That is probably not going to happen unless the squad is still contending, and he knows what the 3 wounded warriors can do. Plus, what his offensive needs are at that time. Firstly, he must address the relief corps in the absence of Contreras. Cholley Manuel has to compensate by pushing his starter for another inning, which occurred just yesterday with Kentucky Joe. After his recent showings, big Joe has dropped in value, and the Phils are down to 5 rotation hurlers without Doc Halladay. Chad Qualls is on the bump in the 6th-7th frames, and Michael Schwimer is the other right arm. Those facts spell a big hole. This is where the deal will develop and why it must be done now–not at the end of July.


The Vanimal Works In The 2nd At The Bank On May 11 Against The Friars










Vance Worley:


He will be toiling through tolerable pain, like Cole Hamels did last summer.  The expectation is 70-85 bullets and 5-6 innings.  It will take 2 outings before he’s back at full strength.  Before his DL stint, he had finished 7 complete in 2 of 7 tries with 2 debacles.


[table id=142 /]


Clayton Kershaw Loads Up In The 2nd At Home On May 30 Against The Brewers



Clayton Kershaw:   


He has joined the elite wings in the majors with his recent 2.5 seasons of work.  Also, he has lasted 7 total or more in 8 of 11 attempts with 2 clunkers.


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Slot on his club:  1 – 5

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