Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Rotation riddle decoded

Cole Hamels recently emerged from his downward spiral to lift the Philadedlphia Phillies.  However, the pressure on each starter has different reasons and 1 main one.  Why did they all falter around the same time?





Penthouse Occupancy for the 7-6 triumph:  5

                                               The Chrystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Hunter Pence.

A Walk-Off Celebration

He used a sharp groundout to drive in a run for a 1-0 score during the 1st. He stroked a two-bagger down the leftfield line high off the wall to earn a 6-6 tie with 2 outs in the 9th.

He was joined on the top floor by Michael Martinez, Jimmy Rollins, Shane Victorino and Polly Polanco. Mini Mart went yard in the 2nd for 3 RBI to retake the lead at 4-3. J-Roll flared a double into no-man’s land to knot it up at 5 in the 4th. Vic and Polly hustled on the final 2 plays to achieve the victory.

In-House Rehab:  Chase Utley went 2 for 3 with a 2-RBI bomb at Bright House Field. He manned second for 8 frames.



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The TYing Run






Arms Require The Doctor:


Vance Worley is the only hurler in the rotation who hasn’t been affected by the heat.  Doc Halladay showed signs in his last 4 performances of the weight he carried, which included the 2 injury-affected appearances. Remember, he claimed that he wasn’t going to shield his emotions.  He went down on May 27, and the following day Hamels had his first of 4 tortured efforts.  He was visibly upset by things, like in 2009, and he reacted unnecessarily to a solo homerun with a 9-3 advantage.

A Happy Home Stand



The other arms have streaks to saddle them. Cliff Lee is cursed with his winless hardship. He received almost no support from the sticks, had 2 close low-scoring affairs go bad, and then with some runs, he twice couldn’t hold the opposition. Joe Blanton and Kyle Kendrick are influenced by the burden of consecutive poor offerings. Both are continuing to wrestle with heavy statistical lifts. Lee may be slightly hurting his control due to his snakebit results.

Halladay and Hamels bear the weight of the number one that is combined with championship expectations. Then, add a questionable offense and endgame bullpen. That load becomes unbearable in the basement. Worley is concerned only with his own role, which is why he has weathered the situation. King Cole acknowledged the last-place predicament before the game, and then had his best start since Doc went down.


The Vanimal Works During 7 Strong Innings On June 15 In Toronto





Vance Worley:


He has lasted 7 full in 3 of 10 outings with 2 debacles.  He is due for a win and this is a golden opportunity.


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Jeff Francis Works During The 2nd Inning On June 15 In Detroit



Jeff Francis:


He has returned to the club he was successful with when both teams met in the 2007 NLDS.  However, he has monstrosities in both of his attempts so far.  He will be on the management-imposed limit of 75 bullets, like their entire 4-man staff.


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Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

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