Philadelphia Phillies storyline: The comeback trail

Cliff Lee will take the ball for the Philadelphia Phillies on their path upward in the standings.  Will he initiate another dominate streak tonight?





Penthouse Occupancy for the 4-1 outcome:  2

                                               The Chrystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Vance Worley.

The Vanimal Loads Up Against The Rox

He escaped a jam in the 1st with runners on the corners and 1 out. And he completed 7 innings with only 1 blemish, which was a homerun in his final frame.

He was joined on the top floor by Jimmy Rollins. The shortstop sent a souvenir into the leftfield crowd for a 1-0 lead in the 1st.

In-House Rehab:  DH Chase Utley went 0 for 3 with a HBP at Bright House Field.



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A High Slide Drew A High Tag In The 8th





Prediction # 2:


This is a short commentary to considerably move up the time of publication.  It is, also, brief to highlight a rare forecast, and it is the beginning of my new series.  My first foretelling was after the July 22 victory in 2010.  The club went 151-79 from that point to the end of 2011.

I sensed the beginning of that run, because everybody was contributing something in the box score from July 21.  Then, Polly Polanco hit the game-deciding tater in extra innings.  The day before set the tone and was followed by a defining event.  This time it was J-Roll’s renewed vigor to start the home stand, and his recent productivity.  Again, I realized it when Polly achieved the walk-off dramatics the next day.  Now, it will be the winning of series and a slow climb up the standings, which will accelerate with Utley in the lineup.


The General Commands From The Hill On June 16 In Toronto





Cliff Lee:


He will bounce back, like Cole Hamels did, to the horse he is in this battle.  Plus, a victory in his line will have a curing affect for his mind.


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James Shields Toils On June 16 At Home Against The Fish



James Shields:


He is known as Big Game James in the AL.  He has lasted 6.1 frames at least in 7 of 14 attempts with 3 clunkers.


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Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.


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