Philadelphia Phillies storyline: The next ex-Phillies

Cole Hamels left the diamond with a slender lead for the Philadelphia Phillies.  Is he one of the players who will be traded for prospects?





Penthouse Occupancy for the 3-2 & 7-3 outcomes:  2

                                               The Chrystal Champagne Toast is a salute to King Cole.

Cole Prepares A Fastball During Game 1

He fired 7 scoreless innings, scattering 3 hits and 3 walks in the daylight. He was joined on the top floor by Jimmy Rollins. J-Roll sent the fans a souvenir in the 6th for a 1-0 advantage during the matinee. He went 3 for 5 during the afternoon.

A House Call was ordered for Brian Schneider after a collision near the plate in the 6th under the lights. His sprained ankle might be a DL stint.

The Coffeehouse featured B.J. Rosenberg who was only up for the doubleheader as the 26th man. It literally rained on him during his forgettable appearance.



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J-Roll Smokes A Tater In The 6th Of Game 1






Only If:


Firstly, I don’t believe the club will be sellers. I will point out that division competition will return shortly with the Fish, Mets and Braves. It is in that order and the strength level increases with each series. However, in the unlikely case of a lost campaign, I will illustrate the pruning from the roster that awaits Rube Amaro.

Brian Schneider Is Flattened During The 6th Of Game 2


Rube will try to build from his arm strength. He came into 2012 with the best 3 aces in the bigs, and he now has the top closer.  Plus, Vance Worley has solidified the 4 slot.  He will, at least, try to re-sign Hamels.  That means that stars in their final contract year would be available to barter.  Shane Victorino ($7.3M), Joe Blanton ($8M) and Polly Polanco ($6M) are the most likely to be dealt.  Hunter Pence ($10.4M) is arbitration eligible and might be wearing another uniform.  Amaro will mostly free up 2013 payroll space, and save $10.5M in 2012 dollars, which is for 2 months of the 4 financial arrangements.  Only if they prove they are a last place team, will that happen.


Kentucky Joe Toils On June 20 At The Bank Against The Rockies





Joe Blanton:


He has lasted into the 7th in his recent outings, which is more out of necessity due to a porous bullpen. You can anticipate a solid first 6 frames and a hold-on-to-your-hat finish.


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Jeff Karstens Pictured During His Last Start On April 17 In Phoenix



Jeff Karstens:


He has just returned after being placed on the disabled list in mid-April with right shoulder inflammation. He did have a 7-inning rehab at Double-A Indianapolis on Tuesday.


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Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.

* = Breaking Ball & ** As a starter


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[table id=86 /]





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Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Past the first obstacle

Philadelphia Phillies storyline: The comeback trail

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