Philadelphia Phillies storyline: The fix for Lee

Including his teammates on the Philadelphia Phillies, everybody desires to know what’s wrong with Cliff Lee.  How do we get back the ace we want?





Penthouse Occupancy for the 3-2 setback:  2

                                               The Chrystal Champagne Toast is a salute to Cole Hamels.

He was joined on the top floor by Chooch Ruiz.


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J-Roll Waits For The Runner In The 1st






The Answer:


The reason is the easy part but it’s the implementation that is difficult. However, keep in mind that professionals cannot reveal certain things.

Chooch Cracks A 9th-Inning Double

Firstly, here are a few similar examples. Hunter Pence had the mental obstacle of being the big gun in the cleanup position, and he tried to be a slugger. That is why he struggled. He was switched to the 3 hole with Chooch behind him on May 23. Before the change he hit .265 with 10 homeruns and 28 RBI for 44 games. However, in the 36 battles since, he has averaged .310 with 6 homers (27) and 20 RBI (90), which projects to the back of his baseball card.

In 2009, Hamels had the rubber-chicken-circuit problem, like Steve Carlton did after winning 27 games. Cole only worked at a 50% clip during that short off-season, and his numbers represented half of his expectations. It was initially physical but led to the thinking aspect after a lack of success. That’s not Lee’s problem but it is mostly between his ears.

The No-Slide Play At The Plate In The 3rd

I went through something parallel recently with my writing and a computer-algorithm feed to a major outlet. I experienced a normal period with no ill effects, but no satisfaction either. By mid-May, he had a 1.95 ERA for 5 performances. During the next phase, I needed to push myself but the desired outcome wasn’t happening. Cliff started giving back the lead or something would go wrong, like a bullpen letdown. During that time he had a 4.23 ERA for 4 appearances.

Then, I started restricting my effort by a small amount, feeling that it wasn’t going to matter.  This is where he is now during his last 4 showings, which has produced a 7.30 ERA.  I made some adjustments, and left out something when there were no positives from the night before.  Bad pitching, no spectacular fielding and little offense occurred during a lopsided loss.  That one alteration put me over the top and I bounced back.  The General needs his first victory and it’s that simple.  It doesn’t have to be a gem.  A line of 7 full and 3 earned runs with a W will repair 2012 for him.


Kentucky Joe Fires A 4th-Inning Fastball At The Bank On June 25 Against The Pirates







Joe Blanton:


He has worked 6.2 innings plus in 9 of 15 chances with 5 monstrosities.  Against the Fish at the Bank, he had a 1-1 record and a 4.15 ERA with this mark:  13 complete, 12 hits, 6 all-earned runs plus 2 walks to 9 punch outs.



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Ricky Nolasco Loads Up On June 25 At Home Against The Cardinals




Ricky Nolasco:


He has lasted 6.2 frames or more in 7 of 15 attempts with 3 clunkers.  At the Bank he went 7 total with this ledger:  8 hits, 4 all-earned runs, 2 free passes and 5 strikeouts on 87 bullets.



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