North Carolina Basketball: Troy Williams Still Far From Decision

About two months ago, May 1st to be exact, the recuitment for top prospect Troy Williams was supposed to end, with either North Carolina or Kentucky being the lucky winners for this very talented athlete. Well, sixty plus days later and the reality is that the young man out of Mount Wilson, Virginia is nowhere close to making a decision on where he will end up playing his (probably) one year at the college level. Two months ago he said he woke up unsure, and as far as I am concerned, if that was the case it was best that he waited, instead of pulling what was the mess called the Wears twins.

“I wanted to pick a school on May 1,” he said. “But that morning I woke up and I wasn’t too sure. I was 50/50 about it.”

On the other hand, his sub par performance while playing AAU ball this summer has made the once Top 10 pick slide in the rankings according to a CBS Sports article. Could this mean that there is less interest for the small forward from any of the six schools? Highly unlikely, as he is still an excellent player to have on any roster.

“After AAU season, I can settle down and start thinking about it,” he said. “If I’m lucky, I can sign in November.”

So, when it’s all said and done, it might still be a while before we know where Troy, nephew of legendary AAU coach Boo Williams, will play, with the July period being a possibility for his decision, but nothing is set in stone as of now. If you go to the forums of the teams in the mix it seems that while the young man expanded the search to include Alabama, Florida, G’Town, Louisville and South Florida, the top two teams are still UNC and UK, and depending on which web board you read they both believe to be the leader for him. My gut feeling is that as of right now, with the smallest of margin, it’s North Carolina in the lead.


But before Troy Williams does arrive at any of the above mentioned schools he will still have to participate in two semesters of high school, where this year he will do so at Oak Hill Academy, well known for being a power house in high school basketball, where he will share the court with Carolina commit in point guard Nate Britt. It will be a long summer and year for this player who so many thought would be off the radar a while back and now is on the radar for having dropped in most of the recruiting site’s rankings. Can this hurt him in the long run? Time will tell, but for now the only thing that might hurt is that the schools going after him have to wait for his decision before going after other players, and that is never good.

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