Philadelphia Phillies storyline: The corps four

Vance Worley is the bright spot for the Philadelphia Phillies from last year’s 4 breakout youngsters.  How have the others done?  How many will duplicate their 2011 campaign?




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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    6-3 Outcome

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Hunter Smokes Sammy In The 2nd






The Kiddie Corps:


Rube Amaro entered 2012 with a laundry list of must-gamble options. Like all GM’s in the baseball-parity era–including NYY–he had to go with under-contract veterans after their DL stints, and new stars:  1 decent tour or less on their resume. In other words, he had no choice from a financial perspective except to count on inexpensive players who had solid 2011’s. Worley had over 4 solid months on the books last year, while Antonio Bastardo was dominate until September. Michael Stutes had a powerful beginning in late April, but he struggled during the 2nd half. John Mayberry Jr. hit .301 with 12 homeruns (24) and 37 RBI (74), which is doubled for an entire tour.


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Chooch Goes On Contact In The 2nd

Stutes was the first to flop or pitch injured, which isn’t known without a visible difference in results. He probably will get the benefit of the doubt after having shoulder surgery. Bastardo needs another role, where he can earn his way back to being trusted again. Mayberry has been demoted to a platoon situation, and without a drastic change, he may have reached his baseball ceiling. He may only be a fourth outfielder.


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J-Roll Ends The 2nd In Style




Stutes was in the hunt for a backend bullpen seat, but he won’t be back this year. Bastardo was a starter who was converted to a reliever, and was headed for a closing job when he faltered. Mayberry was on his way to accomplishing what Jayson Werth had, but he was stopped by a wall. The Vanimal appears to be a bottom-of-the-rotation arm, and that fits his blueprint. That said, he has proven to be the best of the four, and the only one still excelling.


The Vanimal Delivers A Fastball On July 3 In Queens Against The Mets







Vance Worley:


Most hurlers don’t want to go into the break with a poor performance on their ledger.  That said, he has worked 7 complete in 4 of 13 appearances with 3 clunkers.  However, he is 2-2 with only a 4.00 ERA at the Bank.


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Jair Jurrjens Pictured At Home On July 3 Against The Cubs



Jair Jurrjens:


He is having 3 seasons in 1 with 4 monstrosities during April, a less-than-impressive showing at Triple-A, and a call-up due only to other’s health. He has gone 7.2 innings in 1 of 7 attempts. However, he has a 1.47 ERA in 3 efforts since re-entering the rotation, but his last 2 were less than 6 frames each.



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