2012 Indiana Football preview: schedule and predictions

Adam Replogle, Indiana

Adam Replogle

2012 Quickview: Indiana Hoosiers

2011 Record: 1-11

Head Coach: Kevin Wilson- 2nd year,  1-11

Returning Starters:  11  5-Offense  6-Defense

Nonconference Schedule Breakdown:  Occasionally all Big Ten teams will have to play two D-1 nonconference teams on the road…but when you are a perennial doormat like the Hoosiers have been it is an all-too frequent occurance…this year IU gets to go to Massachusetts and they play at Navy in late October…they also get Indiana State and Ball State…UMass (5-6)and Navy (5-7)were under .500 last year…

Schedule Rank (in Big Ten): 4th Hardest  “Are you kidding me…Indiana with the 4th hardest schedule?”…if that wasn’t the first thing out of your mouth…you’re the crazy one…let me explain..one of the factors I look at in this section is road Big Ten games…yes the folks IU gets on the road may not appear that difficult…until you look at their records in Evanston, Champana, State College & West Lafayette…in short…it is very bad…they are a combined 45-75 in these four venues..including having never won in Beaver Stadium…in the grand scheme..IU has a tough road ahead of them.

Who they don’t play in 2012: Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska

The Skinny: Kevin Wilson made a decision last year to go with as many youngsters he could get on the field (16 true freshman)…in hopes that he eventually would be rewarded with the experience down the road…could it happen this year?..probably, but not to the extremes he is banking on..but IU should improve on its win total from 2011…The Hoosiers should improve, but .500 will be a stretch….a very, very long stretch.

Toughest Game in 2012: October 13th vs Ohio State..IU hasn’t won at Northwestern in its last 6 tries..but check out this mark of futility…IU has just 3 wins vs OSU in the last 52 games…and haven’t beaten the Buckeyes in their last 19 tries…0-18-1…the last win was in 1988….three decades ago…

Best Player:  Sr DE Adam Replogle…with four guys coming back on the D line that started at least 6 games in 2011, Replogle will have to be the best player in 2012…the Hoosiers gave up almost 250 yds/game on the ground last year…the improvement needs to begin with Adam.

What MIGHT happen: In the big picture…IU’s schedule is full of teams that they MIGHT be able to beat…so if things go really, REALLY well for the Hoosiers, they MIGHT get to .500 and a bowl…but do not count on it….under ANY circumstances.

What WILL happen: Indiana will win a Big Ten game…their best chance is either right out of the gate at NW (but we discussed IU’s fortunes in Evanston) or in State College…where they are 0-7 lifetime…Hmmm

What WON’T happen: The Hoosiers will win a home Big Ten game..with East Lansing, Ohio State, Iowa and Wisconsin making the trip to Bloomington in 2012…it doesn’t look like Kevin Wilson will beat a Big Ten team at The Rock in 2012…and maybe not in 2013 either.

Why they WON’T win the Big Ten: Seriously…I could write 400 words on this one without batting an eye…and most of it would be about the defense.

Why they WILL win the Big Ten: If and only if…QB Tre Robinson is the next Russell Wilson…HB Stephen Houston is the next Montee Ball and WR Kofi Hughes is the next BJ Cunningham…and Kevin Wilson does his best on the field impersonation of Urban Meyer…?..I am reaching…but what else can I do?

Gotta know about the Hoosiers:..the Hoosiers returned 8 punts last year for a total of 46 yards….TOTAL.

BOLD Statement:   Indiana will more than double its 2011 win total in 2012…

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  • Jordan

    What a crap program. They should be allowed to play in the Big Ten until they can prove themselves in a mid-major conference.

  • Jordan

    What a crap program. They should be allowed to play in the Big Ten until they can prove themselves in a mid-major conference.

  • http://www.facebook.com/doug.sams.90 Doug Sams

    IU has a chance to win at State College? I know the news out of Happy Valley has not been good, lately, but the Lions’ 2012 recruiting class is ranked #15 in the USA. Nittany Lions by 13.

    • thebulk

      by 13 or 13 year olds?

    • thebulk

      by 13 or 13 year olds?