Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Near the edge

Cole Hamels mulls over the latest offer from the Philadelphia Philles, while the team teeters on the border between breath and death.  Can they re-sign Hamels and keep a pulse?




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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    7-2 Outcome

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A Bright Spot In The 6th








The Must Clusters:


In order for this squad to have even a remote postseason chance, they need mostly wins. They will have to take every series and sweep every 3rd or 4th one. Remember, they suffered a setback in the first game after the break, which means that 1 loss is survivable by a degree or two.

J-Roll Pilfers A 5th-Inning Bag

In the 3 washouts the reasons separate the weaknesses from the poor performances. The first one, which was coughed up by the bullpen, was in Colorado after Cliff Lee was lifted for a pinch hitter during the 7th. The second was a combination of a strength and a shortcoming. Cholley Manuel successfully played the percentages by burning 4 relievers in order to finish the 9th with a lead for Jonathan Papelbon. His hammer was nailed, and his ‘pen only offered the choice between a lefty specialist or a Triple-A fill-in with checkered MLB numbers.  Last night it was a counted-on starter who didn’t succeed, which means a soft spot was not exposed.

J-Roll Waits For The Thief In The 7th



The 3 in the 4-3 mark since the break has been a 50-50 proposition, and the middle relief corps was exposed twice. That’s 4 breakdowns in 7 matchups, which includes the first-and-ninth-frame arms and a weak bullpen. The offense, defense, rotation and the closer are strong, which is what you would expect from a club that had 102 victories last year. King Cole needs to command the Giants from his earthly throw-n, and start earning his expensive contract before the ink is applied.


King Cole Rules On July 15 In Denver





Cole Hamels:


He has a slight advantage at the Bank with a 5-3 record and a 2.76 ERA, which is 0.62 lower than his road average.  He has worked 6.2 innings plus in 13 of 18 efforts with 1 debacle.


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Matt Cain Delivers A 2nd-Inning Pitch At Home On July 15 Against The ‘Stros




Matt Cain:


He is 5-1 with a 3.28 away ERA, which is 1.32 higher than by the Bay.  He has lasted 6.1 frames or more in 14 of 18 attempts with 1 clunker.  He faced the Phils at home in mid-April with a CG, SO 2-hitter, walking 1 and striking out 4 on 91 darts.




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