North Carolina Football: 12 for 12, the things/people needed to have a good season

This is going to be, you guessed it, a twelve part piece which will talk about the people and/or things that I believe will be essential to make the 2012 North Carolina Football season a good one, regardless of the record they might end up with. And that is why the chain of posts will be called 12 for 12. The twelve people/things that I will post about will be in no particular order, just what I deem the dozen elements that are important for this (or maybe any other) season to be a success. I will also be doing “12 for 12, the games”, where I will be taking a close look at the dozen games that the Tar Heels will have in the upcoming season.

But for now, let’s focus on the first thing, which is going to be… the fan base. Before you go scratch your head and say how obvious this selection is let me enhance this a bit. When I speak of the fan base I am not talking about the many, many people, be it students, alumni, or other type of fans that go to Kenan Stadium on Saturdays, or even head to away games to supprt the team as much as they can. This part of the fan base is very important, and I hope that they show up in force with each and every game that Carolina plays this season, no matter what type of record the squad has. Or even the ones that can not make it to the game itself but watch the Tar Heels on television or listen to them on the radio.

Instead I am talking about the part of the fan base that stays in the web boards, on twitter, or any other social media outlet and is either all high when the team wins or as low as possible when they do not. Not to mention the small faction that is always nit picking at something even when the team wins the game. This year the need for positive feed back is essential as this new regime led by head coach Larry Fedora is not just getting started to re build a program in his vision, but it’s also trying to forget the past couple of seasons. Basically, at least for the inagural season of the Fedora era, let’s leave the negative nelly’s attitudes on the shelf and try to put a positive spin on what is happening to the football program.

Will there be frustration during the year? Of course, no program goes without it, even the ones that win it all have their moments where there are problems. But, for this year at least, let’s not make that second turn into threads on chat boards, that then turn that moment, which could have been a bad play by a player or a bad call by a coach or whatever else, into a day/week/month long discussion that will spew of negativity and do nothing but frustrate everyone reading it. It’s not needed in 2012, save it for when the program has fully taken on the stamp that the coaching staff wants to give it. This season the team will play its dozen games on the schedule and then, no matter what their record is, they will be done for the year. That for the seniors on this team is already enough to take, adding on with negative comments on the internet is not going to help the situation one bit and furthermore it’s not going to change the outcome of the season.

Now, before you tell me that you have a right to do what ever you wish to, I fully understand that, and trust me I too will probably not be happy with how things go in a series, or a game. I am not saying make the happy face and say all is going to be ok, what I am asking is not to bring it into the social media and make a snowball become an avalanche. If we all do that then the coach Fedora’s inaugural season with the North Carolina football program might just be a good one.