North Carolina Basketball: Interested in 2014 power forward Trey Lyles

It seems that one of the top players from the 2014 class, Trey Lyles, is back on the recruiting circuit. The 6’10″/235 lbs power forward, who had committed to Indiana back in 2010, has decided to de-commit from the Hoosiers a few days ago and look at any other choices he might have. Right now the forward out of Indianapolis, IN has about six schools, including North Carolina basketball, looking at him. But there is no doubt in my mind that the number will continue to rise as the days pass. Lyles, who has a twitter account under TreyMambaLyles, plays his high school basketball at Arsenal Technical High School and is on the Spiece Indy Heat when it comes to the AAU circuit. Besides Carolina the young man has programs such as Kentucky and Ohio State looking to sway him to come to their school.


Trey Lyles

The first thing that must be looked at when it comes to this recruiting process is that Lyles is still insisting that his top choice is still Indiana. Now, I am not sure how much that means to the rest of the schools that are recruiting him, but I have to believe when other coaching staffs are going after him that has to be factored in. Before I move on to what the internet is saying about this young man there is one thing that I want to touch on. In an article by the Indianapolis Star it says that some IU fans have sent him nasty messages through twitter, while others have not. Probably due to the fact that I am a bit older than the average fan, but I just find bashing anyone wrong in so many ways. While Trey Lyles did make a commitment to Indiana, the reality is that he is a very young man that is changing his mind. Stop me when you have not done that as a teenager.

Looking around the four recruiting sites all have Lyles has a five star recruit, and all place him as a Top Ten player in the 2014 class. Rivals places the power forward as the ninth best player in the country, the same position that Scout puts him at, while that site also says he is second best at his position for the 2014 class. At ESPN their recruiting gurus have the young man as the seventh best in the `14 class, second best at power forward and best in the state. Finally at 247 Sports they see Lyles as tenth best player, third at his position and, just like the world leader in sports, the best in the state of Indiana.

Anywhere you read about Lyles you see one thing: the power forward is a skilled post player, having moves down low that most guys his age have not developed yet. A couple of places have made comparisons to a young Tim Duncan when it comes to the offensive side of the ball, as also being an above average defender. The knock on the that side of the ball is that Lyles needs to get stronger so that he is not pushed around in the blocks. In the end, even if there are a couple of things to improve, but which player at his age does not. If he keeps improving, which there is no reason why he wouldn’t, Trey Lyles is going to be a stud for the time he is in college. I would not be surprised with the skills that the forward possesses that he could end up as a Top 5 player in the `14 class before it is all said and done.

I am not too sure how this whole recruiting process will end, but it is going to be interesting to say the least to see how Indiana holds off top notch programs. When it comes to North Carolina basketball, whether you are a fan or a hater of the program, you have to admit it’s nice to be in the fold when it comes to most Top 10 players in the country. I will, as I do with all Carolina recruits, keep an eye on the going ons of the Trey Lyles process. For that and anything else UNC basketball and/or football make sure to check back often to isportsweb!