Philadelphia Phillies storyline: 2013’s tone is a wild card

Jimmy Rollins started the ball rolling in training camp for the Philadelphia Phillies.  That 2007 challenge led to the playoffs, but what does the 2013 version have in store?




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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    4-1 Triumph

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J-Roll Tracks Down The Unaware Runner In His Trot After His 7th-Inning Double







Spring-Loaded Action:


After a long winter, the pop of a caught fastball has a memorable ring. There are many elements in February and March that are repeated on a annual basis. However, there is one subject that has gone unnoticed, which is the tone. All organizations have a theme for each tour, which is based on the reality behind their mask of clichés. Sooner or later, that will be the last hurrah for the special units.

J-Roll Trots Around 3rd After His 5th-Inning 2-Run Dong

There is a difference when the roster has a championship foundation, which is the core four for the red pinstripes–before and after their famous Fall Classic. The photo from my last article shows them in their posed position:  Rollins (dead center), Chase Utley (middle to the left), Ryan Howard (left end) and Cole Hamels (right end). That forms the circle in the order of seniority:  It ends where it began.

For the Phils, it was a satisfied and overconfident approach in 2009, while 2010 was unfinished business with a still comfortable atmosphere after a title. In ‘07, that was the year of the team to beat, while 2011 was the 4-aces campaign or regular-season production. The idea was that they still had to do it, which resulted in a franchise record of 102 victories.

The Thief Robs Erik Kratz In The 5th

That first September, the Phils caught and passed the Mets for their first taste of postseason champagne after the 2007 comeback. The ‘08 tour had the vein for a big slice of October pie with the don’t-forget-the-awful-elimination-feeling burden from the previous fall. However, this spring it was the survival mode of .500 ball until the two big guns were on the diamond. The seeds of success were planted for the 2007 and 2008 summers, while during this 162, that was not the case. A 81-win projection sows some doubt before the fruit blossoms, and the staff’s number one goes down after working through questionable health.

The club didn’t fail to be near the divisional lead:  It fell short of the breakeven mark.  Now, the new addresses for Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence and Joe Blanton mirror the 2006 sendoff of Bobby Abreu to the Big Apple.  That squad immediately began making a wildcard run, which led to its achievement in the following campaign.  If there is a miracle drive to serious autumnal competition, the crew will either remember their 2009 mistakes or view the new season as a repeat of 2008.  Baring divine intervention, however, you can expect a 2007 type of enthusiasm with a 2008 mind-set.


The Vanimal Unloads His Bullet At The Bank On August 22 Against The Reds









Vance Worley:


He is 2-5 with a 5.00 home ERA, which is 2.02 lower away from Philly.  Against the Mets in both parks (1 each), his ledger reads:  0-2, a 9.00 ERA, 10 complete, 18 hits, 10 all-earned runs, 6 free passes (1 intentional) and 8 strikeouts.  He has lasted 6.2 frames plus in 6 of 22 efforts with 8 monstrosities.


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Chris Young Pictured At Home On August 21 Against The Rox




Chris Young:


He has toiled 6.1 innings or more in 6 of 14 showings with 3 clunkers.  At Citi Field against the Phils, his line was:  7 total, 5 hits, 3 all-earned runs, 0 walks and 3 K’s on 81 Independence-Day tosses.  That stated, he is 1-5 with a 5.11 ERA in his last 8 outings, including 3 disasters.



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Starters’ photos, not described otherwise, are in the 1st inning.


Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.

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