Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Greenback mountain

Cole Hamels of the Philadelphia Phillies is the latest organizational example where developed talent is retained.  How much room do the Halos and Dodgers have left before crossing the competitive-balance-tax threshold?




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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    3-2 Triumph

The Crystal Champagne ToastChooch RuizFive-Star Performance
The Penthouse Chase Utley
Chooch Ruiz

Nate Schierholtz

Cole Hamels
* Hit A Sac-Fly RBI For A 1-0 Advantage In The 1st
* Smacked An RBI Double To Take A 1st-Inning Lead Of 2-0
During His 3 For 4 Day
* Produced An RBI Single, Increasing The 1st-Inning
Score To 3-0 During His 2 For 4 Afternoon
Escaped Runner-At-3rd 1-Out Jams In The 5th & The 6th
Fired 7 Solid 5-Hit Innings
The Fun House Of MirrorsJuan Pierre
Chooch Ruiz
* Avoided A Hand Tag At 2nd In The 1st
* Escaped A Line-Drive DP During The 1st
Rally Tal & Cap5 Players & 3 Runs* A BB (J-Roll), A Single (Pierre), A Sac-Fly RBI (Utley), An
RBI Double (Chooch) & An RBI Hit (Schierholtz) In The 1st
The WorkhouseHome SP* A 37-Pitch 1st Inning
The Animal HouseCole HamelsPunched Out The 1st 3 Batters In The 1st
The Leather Warehouse2 StartersA Runner Gunned Down At Home By Brown (Throw)
& Chooch (Plate Dive & Tag) In The 4th
The Kangaroo Court HouseCole HamelsHad Throwing Errors In The 4th & The 6th
The Outhouse3B UmpMissed The Tag On The Over-Slide SB In The 6th


Above Asterisks ( *) = Corresponding Plays And/Or Events


J-Roll Swipes 2nd In The 6th, But Cholley Still Removed Him






Parity For 2013:


This is the peak for all major-league franchises:  $178M. I have always been amused when the Yankees and pre-trade Red Sox were considered landing spots for any free agent with no regard to cost. The reason is that New York has been virtually invisible except for the rumors during the last 2 campaigns. Boston just dumped an unhappy star and 2 bad contracts to press the reset button. The new CBA has a 50% luxury tax, increasing it incrementally to that over 4 years. That means a $20M ace will cost $30M, which is why even the Bronx Bombers lack interest after being penalized over $200M for the last 9 seasons.

The Only Flaw In Pap’s Save Was The HBP On The Batter’s Helmet



This is only a rough estimate because there are so many moving parts. However, it does show where the clubs are with only slight maneuvering ability, which will affect their decisions for ‘13. These computations do not include low-ticket inventory, like Juan Pierre ($800K) or Nate Schierholtz ($1.3M) who are unsigned for 2013. The red pinstripes set aside $5M for the trading deadline and $3M to cover achieved incentives. That means $19.5M for 2 veteran relievers, 1 right-handed power bat and 2 inexpensive players, like Pierre.



DealsPlayers & Dollars Under ContractBuyoutsPlayers & Owed Dollars To Not Re-Up
Min. $Players @ Approx. $500K MLB MinimumBal. & Bal. $# Of Players To Reach 25 & Dollars To Hit $178M
Arb. $Players & Arbitration Dollars Estimate Dec. $Players & Dollars Needing A Decision



Part 2:  Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Coin-loaded GM’s


$178M Range Teams:

NOTE:  Click entries button to open more than the visible 10.

Phillies11 @ $145.50M09 @ $4.5M-----1 @ $0.50M20 @ $150.50M5$027.50M-----
Dodgers17 @ $169.90M06 @ $3.0M-----3 @ $0.95M23 @ $173.85M3$004.15M-----
Angels08 @ $101.63M09 @ $4.5M3 @ $18.0M2 @ $4.50M20 @ $128.63M5$049.37M3 @ $37.50M *
Yankees07 @ $131.07M08 @ $4.0M5 @ $21.0M-----20 @ $156.07M5$021.93M4 @ $42.75M *
Tigers09 @ $092.42M04 @ $2.0M3 @ $15.5M-----16 @ $111.92M9$066.08M3 @ $23.75M *
Rangers09 @ $084.31M08 @ $4.0M3 @ $17.0M1 @ $0.60M20 @ $105.91M5$072.09M5 @ $38.40M *
Marlins09 @ $087.50M11 @ $5.5M1 @ $03.5M-----21 @ $096.50M4$081.50M-----
Cubs05 @ $039.88M16 @ $8.0M1 @ $11.0M-----22 @ $058.88M3$119.12M-----
Red Sox05 @ $038.81M04 @ $2.0M7 @ $32.0M-----16 @ $080.81M9$097.19M2 @ $17.58M *
Mets06 @ $071.52M09 @ $4.5M2 @ $09.0M-----17 @ $085.02M8$092.98M1 @ $03.50M *
White Sox11 @ $122.44M09 @ $4.5M-----1 @ $2.0M20 @ $128.94M5$049.06M3 @ $14.00M *

* 2012 Dollars


Cinco Ocho Secures His 30th Save


Los Angeles (NL) is virtually done spending after they took on big salaries, which means that pickups Shane Victorino, Joe Blanton, Brandon League, Randy Choate and some of their own won’t be returning. The Angels have 3 to decide on, and they are hurlers:  Zack Greinke, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana. The 4 Yanks in that column are:  Mariano Rivera, Hiroki Kuroda, Russell Martin and Nick Swisher. Mo ($15M) and Kuroda ($10M) are the keepers with the starter expected to get a big raise. The Motor City crew includes their closer Jose Valverde, rotation arm Anibal Sanchez, and Delmon Young. Expect all to return with pay increases, which should leave $36M for 6 other roster slots.

These GM’s will have limited flexibility without a swap. Tomorrow, I will cover deep-pocketed and big city teams with some talking money. New York has the Mets, Chicago has 2 organizations, Texas, Miami and Red Sox Nation are the rest. When these other 6 franchises hit their ceiling, there will be stars who play their entire career for 1 club, like Mike Schmidt.


The Doctor Sedates The Nats With A 4-Seam Fastball On August 25 At The Bank






Doc Halladay:


He is 4-1 with a 2.75 August ERA in his last 5 efforts, going at least 7 full every time.  Against the Braves for 2 at that Ted, his ledger reads:  0-1, a 8.74 ERA, 11.1 innings, 18 hits, 11 all-earned runs, 1 walked and 12 fanned.  That stated, he has only been healthy and ready for action this month.

3LHP Cliff Lee06-08, 3.12 ERA@ NatsRHP Edwin Jackson09-11, 4.13 ERAWednesday, Day


Mike Minor Reaches Back In The 2nd On August 25 In San Francisco


Mike Minor:


He is 4-4 with a 3.72 home ERA, which is 2.01 lower at the Ted.  He has toiled 6.1 frames or more in 10 of 24 showings with 9 clunkers. However, in July and August for 9 appearances, he is 3-4 with a 2.50 ERA.  In both parks (1 each) against the Phils, his line is:  1-1, a 2.25 ERA, 15 total, 11 hits, 4 all-earned runs, 2 BB and 14 whiffs.


Over The TopExcellent
3-Quarter SidearmGood
SidearmAbove Average
Short Arm Approximately Average
SubmarineBelow Average



Starters’ photos, not described otherwise, are in the 1st inning.


Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.

*** = Approximately equal to after plus-and-minus computation


Doc Halladay
Ricky Nolasco
FOR 2012Short ArmShort Arm
'12 RANKING4th of 5 Categories4th of 5 Categories
LAST STARTEephus PitchSplit Finger
LAST HIGH OR LOW13th of 15 Categories4th of 15 Categories



ER - R- H
1Gyroball9 (CG)0 - 0 - 310Screwball64
2Fastball9 (CG)0 - 011Knuckleball53
3Cutter9 (CG)312Forkball0 - 4.2Monstrosity
4Split Finger7213Eephus Pitch0 - 2.2Disaster
5Curveball7314*Palm BallEjected
6Sinker6.1315*Spit Ball**Ejected+
7Slider62*Breaking BallInjured
8Changeup63*FoshRain Interrupted
9Slurve52*Knuckle CurvePitch Count
** = Suspended* = A 2nd Pitch Also




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