Philadelphia Phillies storyline: FA possibilities

The empty hot corner will probably belong to someone other than Chase Utley for the Philadelphia Phillies in April. Who would be better than Freddy Galvis?




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CAP-SIZE HINDSIGHT:    9-5 Triumph

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Above Asterisk ( *) = Corresponding Play And/Or Event



Jimmy & Chase Score Consecutive Runs In The 7th






The Icy Corner:


Many fans in every MLB city are under the mistaken belief that free agents (plural) are always available to fill any roster spot. They also are unaware that parity has arrived even for the Yankees, because the new CBA is unfriendly to those who exceed the competitive-balance-tax threshold. That translates into organizations re-signing their home-grown talent, like Cole Hamels. Franchises retain their best players and drop the others.

The SO WP DP At Home In The 8th


Contracts have also been more prophylactic. As you can see in the table below, there isn’t much to be had at third base. Most intriguing is that 2 of them have options for 2013. Polly Polanco has a $5.5M mutual one and Kevin Youkilis has a $13M club type. There are also 2 third sackers with team options:  David Wright has one for $16M and Mark Reynolds has the other at $11M. The Mets will hold onto Wright, if for no other reason than to deal him by next July 31. Reynolds swings for the fences during every at-bat and is not a good fit here.

Scott Rolen and Polanco are both extreme health risks.  Youkilis will probably not be available, but Rube Amaro is more likely to make a trade than go in that direction.  The best choice at third base is probably Galvis.  At least in centerfield, Rube will have something to pick from, but that position isn’t overflowing either.  If the brain trust was open to Utley at 3rd, they should have no problem with Freddy on that corner either.


Potential Free Agents:

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Cole Dials Up A Cutter In The 3rd At The Bank On September 25 Against The Nats






Cole Hamels:


After struggling to get wins during the last few years, he goes into this game with almost half of the 33 aces’ victories.  He has faced the Fish four times in both venues (2 each) with this log:  1-3, a 3.54 ERA, 28 total, 29 hits, 12 runs (11 earned), 8 walks (2 intentional) and 27 punch outs.


[table id=122 /]


Nate Eovaldi Delivers His Pitch On September 25 In Atlanta




Nate Eovaldi:


For Miami, he is 3-6 and has a 4.42 ERA, going 6.2 innings or more in 3 of 11 opportunities with 3 debacles.  Overall, he has worked 6.2 frames plus in 4 of 21 efforts with 6 clunkers.  Against the Phils for 3 outings at 3 different parks (1 in Los Angeles), his ledger reads:  0-3, a 6.43 ERA, 14 complete, 22 hits, 11 runs (10 earned), 7 free passes and 8 strikeouts.


[table id=84 /]



Starters’ photos, not described otherwise, are in the 1st inning.


Quality number of the pitcher:  1 – 5

Slot on his club:  1 – 5

Ranking is 1 to 5 & 15 for the less adventurous.

*** = Approximately equal to after plus-and-minus computation


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