Big Ten Football week 6 review

Desmond Morgan, Michigan Football

Big Ten Football Week 6 Review

Week 6 Record:   4-1…..Record so far:     44-13     77.1%

Michigan State-31 Indiana-27…..CORRECT…..Whew!…Why does Mark Dantonio come out in games like these and start throwing the ball around like he has Geno Smith at QB?…why not lean on your HB and let the passing game come to you instead of cramming it down your opponents throats?…it must be an ego thing…but it seems like if your strength is running the ball with a back like Bell you would do it until someone stops it…IU needs to know when to stop throwing the ball and run it…they did it all 2nd half up 10….up 3…they just didn’t want to run the clock….should’ve been a W for the Hoosiers, they had it.

Penn State-39 Northwestern-28….CORRECT….When was the last time you saw a QB complete 21 passes and only throw for 135 yards? Quietly…PSU’s WR Allen Robinson is becoming one the elite WR’s in the Big Ten…he had 9 grabs for 85 yds and two 2nd half TD’s (he sits at #2 in the Big Ten in yds per game with just over 87)…including his last scoring catch that capped a 18 play 82 yard drive that got the Lions within 3 with just under 10 minutes to play…you gotta love the way the Nittany Lions are playing football right now…the tough call right now is determining how each team will react to this week…PSU has a bye then they hit the road vs Iowa, but the Wildcats have to hit the road and play Minnesota next week…

Wisconsin-31 Illinois-14….CORRECT….The struggling offense of the Badgers got exactly what they needed this weekend…not a solid performance from HB Montee’ Ball, although that certainly helped…but they got to play an Illini defense that is struggling…however the Badgers took their sweet time taking advantage it…they scored three of their TD’s in the 4th quarter and rotated three QB’s more often than Charlie Weiss hits the Culvers drive-thru….and folks..don’t underestimate that number…but Ball did have his 3rd 100 yard rushing game of the season (Northern Iowa & Utah State) and that is a good sign for the Badger program and it’s fans.

Michigan-44 Purdue-13….MISS….OK from here on out…Denard Robinson vs unranked teams = very good performance…Robinson vs aggressive defense/ranked opponent= not so good..don’t expect much…as good as Robinson looked, the Michigan defense should really get most of the credit…they seemed to set the tone early and the Boilers went three and out on their first possession and never really looked in synch at all…two INT’s and 3 fumbles from a team that entered the game as a plus 3 in TO ratio isn’t good…in my opinion (and others I respect) it may be time for a new HB in Ann Arbor..Fitzgerald Toussaint has lost his way…whatever happened to him this offseason has diminished his instincts and he has played very tentatively and lacks the decisiveness a HB needs…

Ohio State-63 Nebraska-38….CORRECT….Nebraska may just be the new Iowa of the Big Ten…they beat up on the Illinois’s and the Indiana’s of the league, but when they face the bigger boys they get exposed…I wonder how long the Corn fan base will deal with Bo Pelini and his inability to address his teams’ defensive issues…both teams totaled over 430 yards and the Corn rushed for over 220, but the Buckeyes forced 3 INT’s and a fumble…and when you rush for over 370 yards and your QB gets almost half of that you are going to do pretty well…I still doubt Braxton Miller will finish the season if he continues to get banged around like he is…but Carlos Hyde took some pressure off of him with a 28 carry, 140 yd and 4 TD performance…man…63 points is a lot to hang on someone…

  • Rob White

    I’m not convinced that Nebraska is as good as people like to think. On the other hand, I’ve been saying for weeks now that Michigan is better than people think. If they swap schedules with Ohio State this year, Michigan would be undefeated and Ohio State would be saddled with at least 1 loss, probably 2.
    My point being, it’s wrong to dismiss the Wolverines because they played a tough non-conference slate.

  • Joe White

    Pretty crazy weekend in the conference.
    Great game from Penn State.
    63 from OSU is startling against a team that should be able to play at least a little d.
    Michigan was very impressive in a game I wasn’t so sure about. Glad to see the defense coming around and it’s still so young. A new HB might be called for in Ann Arbor, but who? Their skill position players are below par across the board right now, except for Denard, as you say, against non-elite teams.
    MSU got very lucky, like you said. That would have been a crushing loss.

  • Doug Sams

    Why is it that offensive coordinators feel obligated to use a play just because it’s in the book? Four things can happen when you sling the ball all over the lot and only one of them is good. Run the damn football…