Cleveland Browns, Trent Richardson is a beast, the defense, LOL

These are the views from the observation deck. From the fan mentality as I watched the game.


  • FUMBLE……Trent Richardson is a Beast, 2 plays for 22 yards and a TD. That’s how you start a football game. Trent called out the Giants defense, and told them that he thought he could run on them. 17 rushes and 81 yards later. I would say so. If it was not for the fact the offense had to abandon the run late in the game, and the penalties on some of his runs. Trent would have rushed for well over 100 yards. He managed to include 47 receiving yards to his totals, so it was third game of the season with 100 yards from scrimmage.


  • Brandon Weeden’s throw of 62 yards to Josh Gordon was beautiful.  The rookies are coming through, and the Browns are really starting to look like something. My wife, daughter and I are doing a conga dance around our apartment.


  • The Browns defense SUCKS!!!!! I can’t believe how we all were sucked into believing the Browns had a solid defense in that first week of the season.


  • I was watching one of the pregame shows on Sunday, before the Browns game, and one of the commentators said that the Browns have a pretty good defense. No Sir, they do not. The Browns have a good defensive line, but have horrible linebackers and horrible play in the secondary. Thank Goodness Joe Haden has missed his last game!!


  • It seems that I am getting my wish of Jordan Norwood getting some playing time. He responded by leading the game in receptions with 9 and 81 yards receiving. He seemed to be Brandon Weeden’s favorite target.


  • Ben Watson seems totally lost in this offense; I have not seen or heard from him at all this season. They really don’t know how to use Jordan Cameron yet, but it’s obvious that he really knows how to make plays when he gets the ball. It seems the team really misses Alex Smith. I know I could barely say it myself


  • Brandon Weeden makes his mistakes, but I can say that he does look better and better every game. The Giants have a great defensive line and BW managed not to get sacked. He rolled out and stepped up in the pocket when he needed to. BW focused on the check downs and finally let one rip and be completed. Dropped passes and the lack of defensive support is no help. But I won’t put these losses totally on Brandon. Not at all.


  • Speaking of sacks, I was more than impressed with the Offensive Line. Jason Pierre-Paul did not have the impact on the game people may have suspected. Joe Thomas handled him well and when he rotated to the other side of the line. Mitchell Schwartz put his mitts on him.


  • The Browns gave up 243 rushing yards and I say the defensive line is good. Shame on me.


  • Again, Cleveland Browns fans you have to ask yourself what do you want. Do you want the playoffs this year?  Do you want to finish at .500? I tell you what I want, and that is football players.  With no second round pick next year thanks to Josh Gordon. We need to let someone put the house up for a Geno Smith and get some players for this defense.