Philadelphia Phillies storyline: Center field of attention

Does Darin Ruf alter the plans for the Philadelphia Phillies in the off-season?  Or can he add to the offensive power from the right side?




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Here Is A Ruf Clue Of The First Storyline For 2013

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Torii Hunter Pops A 2-Run Double During The 9th Inning Of Game 1 On September 30 In Texas






Fielding A Free Agent Bat:


Parity means limitations on all franchises, even the Yankees. It hinders the rich from poaching the poor’s talent. It also keeps salaries from exploding for the most part, because organizations, like the Phillies, are limited in their spending. Rube Amaro re-signs Cole Hamels to keep one of his best arms, which means that Hunter Pence, Joe Blanton and Shane Victorino cannot fit under the competitive-balance threshold. The table below indicates that Amaro has allotted $163.5M of the $178M for the 2013 budget. That equals $14.5M available, which is approximately the amount that Pence will earn for the next 162.


$178M Maximum Before The Luxury Tax:

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B.J. Upton Cracks A 9th-Inning Solo Bomb On September 30 In Chicago (AL)



If the GM inks players in centerfield and for 8th-frame set-up, he will deduct 2 contracts from the $163.5M. The bullpen slot is the $500K minimum and the outfield spot is at most $1.45M. In other words, that means $16.5M is the 2-position limit. Therefore, you can forget Josh Hamilton and Michael Bourne. Scott Boras represents Bourne and will move too slowly for Rube, who prefers to do acquisition business before January.



Final 2012 Stats:

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Peter Bourjos Bangs A 6th-Inning Double At Home On June 24 Against The Dodgers




Melky Cabrera will find a cheap deal, because he has to recover from his drug-test suspension. Victorino hit .245 with 2 HR, 15 RBI, 18 BB, 15 SB and 2 CS for the Dodgers. B.J. Upton is a centerfielder who will want more than the Phils or Rays will offer, but he might have to take less. CF Torii Hunter will command $10M per over 2 campaigns, and that is due to his age. A veteran reliever will run $4-5M, which means $10M for a right-handed power bat in center. Rube only has a surplus of young relief-corps studs to complete a swap, and will finalize FA decisions before spring training, which makes Ruf a long shot.



Final 2012 Stats:

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Peter Bourjos Rushes In To Snag A Shot During The 7th On October 1 In Seattle



Peter Bourjos is the extra centerfielder for the Halos, who was replaced by Mike Trout, while Hunter is currently in right. Bourjos had right-hip problems last spring, and he thought it was probably going to require off-season surgery. However, it is fraying which was discovered after a bone bruise before last Thanksgiving, and he has since decided that an operation isn’t necessary. It is an issue that goes back 4-5 years.  In fact, he might play winter ball.  It was, however, his slow start that opened the door for Trout by the end of April.

Pete is a strong defender with speed in his arsenal, and he was their number one draft pick for 2010. He won’t face arbitration until 2014 but will only be available, if Torii re-signs. Considering that teams don’t offer a large pay cut to their older veterans, the GM will probably prefer a freed-up $18M. If Los Angeles decides to retain Hunter, the speedy youngster will be bartered. That stated, the Angels may be interested in 1 or 2 low-mileage relievers, because only 2 AL clubs had a higher ‘pen ERA for 2012.



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Philadelphia Phillies: 2012 ERA for the NL East at final game 162

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