NBA 2012-13 preseason: The best players in the Central Division

Derrick Rose

As part of our NBA preseason coverage I will breakdown the top players by division. Here are the best players in the Central Division.


PG Derrick Rose- Chicago Bulls- 21.8 pts. 7.9 ast. Coming back from a torn ACL won’t be easy, but I fully expect Rose to do it. He could be the best player in the league if he stays healthy and gets a better supporting cast, but for now he’ll only be as good as his reconstructed knee will allow him to be.

SG Monta Ellis- Milwaukee Bucks- 20.4 pts. 6.0 ast. I’m not overly fond of his game. I guess it only makes sense you’ll score 20 points a game if you shoot 30 times, but that doesn’t really help your team out. I put him here because of his potential more than the player he is now. There is upside here if Ellis ever matures as a player.

SF Danny Granger- Indiana Pacers- 18.7 pts. 5.0 reb. Every team needs a player like Granger to be successful. He’s an unselfish, smart individual that thinks about his team before his own personal stats, which is getting harder to find in the NBA these days. He will be fueled by their early exit in the playoffs last year, and look to improve this season.

PF Greg Monroe- Detroit Pistons- 15.4 pts. 9.7 reb. I threw a bit of a curveball here because Monroe is currently in line to start at center, but his natural position is at the four. If he wasn’t being forced out of position, and  matched up against bigger stronger players his ceiling would be much higher.

C Roy Hibbert- Indiana Pacers- 12.8 pts. 8.8 reb. While I do believe he’s a good player I really put him here by default. Hibbert’s big and has nimble feet, but his skill set isn’t even close to that of Brook Lopez who I had to omit from the Atlantic division completely. His presence will be key for the Pacers if they want to go farther in the playoffs this season.

Bench Brandon Jennings- Milwaukee Bucks- 19.1 pts. 5.5 ast. Jennings is one of the most explosive players in the NBA. This can cause him to play a bit out of control some nights, and he has some really poor shooting games, but if he matures a bit this season and Rose struggles back from injury it could take him off my bench next year.

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  • Chris

    No Kyrie?? Really??

  • Tommitek

    How does Kyrie Irving not make this list?

    • ithreeputt

      Kyrie is a telented player and should make the bench spot but he’s not yet in Derrick Rose’s league. Better question than where’s Kyrie is where’s Luol Deng. Most underappreciated player in the league and certainly better than Danny Granger.