Green Bay Packers look to grow winning streak against Jacksonville Jaguars

The Green Bay Packers look to keep the good times rolling as they take on the Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday afternoon.

Both teams are dealing with injuries heading into the game as the Packers will be without Charles Woodson and the Jaguars will be without starting running back Maurice Jones-Drew.  The Jaguars may also be facing the fact that their starting quarterback, Blaine Gabbert, may miss the game with injury as well.

The injuries will be a key blow to the Jaguars already slow moving offense.  The Jaguars only average 15 points per game, one of the reasons why they are a lowly 1-5.

This is a game the Packers should easily win.  The Jaguars could possibly be the worst team in the NFL.  They rank dead last in passing offense, and are not much better in the running game, the loss of Jones-Drew doesn’t help either.  They are third last in the league when it comes to rush defense and their passing defense isn’t much better.

This could lead to another big game for the Packers offense.

Alex Green struggled against the Rams defense last week but should be able to do better this week against the Jaguars mediocre defense.

It will also be another week for Aaron Rodgers to continue to play at his torrid pace.  Rodgers has 16 touchdowns and only two interceptions over the last four games.   With the Jaguars playing as bad as they are, there should be no reason why Rodgers doesn’t continue playing as well as he has.

The defense should also be able to perform very well.  The Jaguars will really struggle moving the ball without Maurice Jones-Drew and if Gabbert has to sit out, the offense could be in big trouble.  The Packers defense should be able to effectively slow down any offense effort from the Jaguars and make this game completely one-sided.

On paper the Packers should win this one, and win by a lot.  But there is the level of uncertainty.  The Packers haven’t played the Jaguars since 2008, so there is no level of familiarity in playing them.  History is also on Jacksonville’s side, they own the series two games to one.

But that shouldn’t matter.  The Packers are a much better team and the Jaguars are dealing with injuries to key offensive players, which will slow down their already slow offense.  The Packers should be able to move the ball however they want against the Jaguars and should win easy.  Packers win 38-10 and move to 5-3.

The Keys to Victory

  1. Stay on the attack – The Packers clearly have the upper hand in this game but they can’t just back and cruise.  The entire team will need to stay focused.  The Packers can’t let this one get away from them.
  2. Stay healthy – This one is much easier said than done but the Packers do not need any more injuries.  The Packers need to do all they can to stay healthy.  If the Packers take a big lead, look for some backups to get some time, mostly for the purpose of keeping the starters healthy.
  3. Seriously, don’t blow this one – This is a game the Packers should win and should win easily, but this is football and this season has been crazy in terms of upsets, so the Packers really need to be focused and not let this one slip away.  A loss here would really hurt this team; this is a game they can win by 30 points.  Please don’t let this one slip away Packers.


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