UNC Basketball: Heels in the Pro’s ~ NBA (Weekly Recap #1)

After the first week of the season here is the recap for the former UNC Basketball players now in the National Basketball Association. It is very early in the season and I am sure the numbers will change a lot as the year progresses, but it’s always nice to see how the seventeen players did in their first taste with the NBA for the 2012-13 season. So, without further ado, here is this Heels in the Pro’s Weekly Recap, which will always come out on this blog on Monday afternoon/early evening…

Antawn Jamison (@Antawn_Jamison4 on twitter)

Must be hard for Jamison, who has averaged over 19 points per game in his career, to be scoring just about 4 right now. Even more must be hard for him to be on a Lakers team that needs to turn things around right now.

Brendan Haywood (@BreHay_30 on twitter)

Nine points and 10 rebounds a game, I am sure the Bobcats would be happy with that all year long. Plus having one win already must be great for the whole team.

Brandan Wright (@bwright34 on twitter)

Three games, three double digit performances and averaging 13 points, a lot better than his career 6 ppg. Rebounds and blocks up as well. Will be interesting to see how much of a drop there will be when he goes back to the bench.

Danny Green (@DGreen_14 on twitter)

14.3 points per game is almost double than his career 7.5. With a starting job on this squad there is no doubt that he can keep this going. He is the only former Tar Heel to have over 20 points in one game thus far. He will also probably be one that will have many of those games.

Ed Davis (@eddavis32 on twitter)

Points slightly up than overall average, but the rebounding is way down. Needs to find his niche in this team before his contract runs out. Since the day the young man left Chapel Hill I thought he left too early, I keep watching him and I keep saying the same.

Harrison Barnes (@HBarnes on twitter)

Scored more each of the three games he has played and is perfect at the charity stripe so far. However he needs to stop the fouling if he wants to stay in the games for more time and when it counts.

Jerry Stackhouse (@jerrystackhouse on twitter)

Has not been on the hardwoods as of now, still battling a hamstring.

John Henson (@_John_Henson_ on twitter)

Has not been on the hardwoods as of yet, still batting a knee problem.

Kendall Marshall (@KButter5 on twitter)

One minute of playing time really is not going to say or show much, he needs to get his feet wet and then we will see.

Marvin Williams (no twitter account for Williams)

Change of teams, but not change of scoring per game, which is basically the same as his overall average, but the rebounding is a lot lower right now. Wondering why his minutes have gone down each game, but will worry about it only if it keeps continuing.

Raymond Felton (no twitter account for Felton)

Scoring and assists averages a bit down from the overall averages, but with just two games this is nothing to worry about. And the Knicks are 2-0 right now, so not much to complain about, is there?

Rasheed Wallace (no twitter account for Wallace)

Seven minutes, six points, he needs to get back to fully ready in order to judge this former Heel.

Ty Lawson (@TyLawson3 on twitter)

Up in all categories and his minutes are pretty big for someone that is always touching the ball and going full speed. Now if his team could get a win!

Tyler Hansbrough (@THANS50 on twitter)

What you see is what you get with Psycho T, almost exactly the same numbers in the first three games as he has an overall average in his career.

Tyler Zeller (@ZellerTyler on twitter)

Still early in his rookie career to see anything from him, but he is getting time and that is good for this phase of the game.

Vince Carter (@mrvincecarter15 on twitter)

Three games, three double digit showings, he will never get close to his overall averages of over 20 points per game, but what he is doing now is probably just fine for the Mavs.

Wayne Ellington (@WayneElli22 on twitter)

Not sure if this is enough for Ellington to get a new contract next season, but it’s a start and he can definitely build on it.

That is it for the first Heels in the Pro’s Week Recap, which will come out each Monday afternoon/early evening (since Sunday’s NBA slate is never too big). Not much to show on being week one, but it should get more and more interesting as the year keeps moving forward. Make sure to come back later to see how the five former UNC Basketball players are doing overseas and of course each morning to get the recap from the night before of the former Tar Heels in the NBA. And as usual for more information about North Carolina basketball and/or football, teams and players, present and past, make sure to check back often on isportsweb!