Philadelphia Eagles throttled by Saints

Another week, another disappointment by the Philadelphia Eagles. This was supposed to be the game that turned the Eagles season around. Instead, the team came out flat, uninspired, and unprepared in a 28-13 loss to the New Orleans Saints Monday night. The Eagles now sit at 3-5. This game has left many people scratching their heads. What else can possibly be done to save this season? This question will plague Eagles fans all week as the team prepares for the Dallas Cowboys.


Michael Vick has been taking most of the blame for the Eagles poor offensive performances over the past few weeks, and while his decision making wasn’t the best, he certainly wasn’t the problem Monday night. The offensive line was downright awful. Right tackle Todd Herramens went down with an ankle injury in the first half, which means that four of the Eagles starting linemen are out with injuries. Demetress Bell continued to struggle. In fact, the word struggle doesn’t even begin to explain how bad he has played. I know there isn’t much out there in terms of free agents, but anything would be better than Demetress Bell. Heck, I’ll take Andy Reid holding a blocking pad over him right now.

The redzone has been an issue for this Eagles offense, and this game was no different. The Eagles had the ball in the redzone five times and scored just six points. Part of this is playcalling, but the overriding factor is poor execution. Missed blocks, dropped passes, turnovers and penalties did the Eagles in. Sounds like a simple fix, doesn’t it? Block your assignment, catch the ball, hold on to the ball and the Eagles will be in good shape. Unfortunately, this is the third game in a row with the same mistakes. I don’t see that improving anytime soon.

Let’s not forget that the Saints defense is on track to be the worst statistical defense in NFL history. The Eagles made them look like the 1985 Bears.

Grade: F


Juan Castillo is probably at home laughing. The Eagles defense has gotten much worse since his firing three weeks ago. Brew Brees chewed the Eagles secondary up all night, completing 21 passes for 239 yards and two touchdowns. Third string tailback Chris Ivory rushed for 48 yards on 10 attempts and scored a touchdown. Mark Ingram and Pierre Thomas both rushed for 44 yards. Again, this Saints run game was one of the worst in the NFL, and the Eagles made all three tailbacks look like pro-bowlers.

The defensive line continued to struggle, recording just one sack on Drew Brees. The linebackers were mostly non-existent. DeMeco Ryans looked bad on several plays where he missed tackles or blew his coverage.  I think it’s clear now that Juan Castillo was not the problem. These players are just simply playing for a paycheck.

Grade: F


I don’t even know why I bother to watch Andy Reid’s post game press conference anymore. It’s the same thing every week: “I’ve got to do a better job.” No kidding. The problem is that this team is digressing every week. I have a feeling that Andy Reid will be looking for a new job after this season.

Grade: F

There really is nothing more to say other than that this team is a total disgrace. The Philadelphia fans deserve better than this. The first step to fixing this mess is by blowing the whole team up and starting over. It will probably be two or three years before this franchise becomes a playoff contender again.