UNC Basketball: Kennedy Meeks’ choices down to Carolina and Georgetown

One of the best center of the 2013 class is down to his last two finalists, and one is North Carolina, with the other being Georgetown. West Charlotte’s Kennedy Meeks, 6’9″/285 lbs, is a top recruit in the upcoming class, and one that the UNC Basketball fan base would like to see donning the carolina blue next season if at all possible, and I am sure head coach Roy Williams would not mind that either. The rumors have gotten stronger about Meeks becoming a Tar Heel after the in-state big man traveled to Chapel Hill on two different occassions of late. But as we all know young men will change their minds plenty of times before making a decision, and no one should blame them for that at all.

“I just felt like I had the best opportunity with those two,” Meeks said of UNC and Georgetown. “If I was to stay two years and leave (for the NBA), I know I could come back and still get my education. Basketball-wise, both schools have good coaches and great teams.”

Looking about at the four recruiting sites it seems that all have Kennedy Meeks either as a four or five star player going into his last year in college. Scout.com has the big man as a four star recruit and the second best at his position, ranking him 31st overall for the `13 class. Rivals.com also ranks Meeks as a four star player, putting him as the fifth best center in the class and 53rd overall. At the world leader in sports things improve a lot for the young man, as ESPN places him 20th overall, second at his position and second best in the stat of North Carolina. And finally over at 247 Sports the Charlotte native is ranked as sixth best at his position, 49th overall, while earning four stars.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxEsSvNwFmM] 

If there is a knock on the West Charlotte’s senior, who the Tar Heels offered in April, is could his weight hold him down in a fast tempo offense like coach Williams runs at North Carolina. On the other hand this was the same concern that people had with this year’s freshman Joel James, and that was solved, so I would not see why, with the same hard work Meeks could not drop the extra pounds as well. From what I have read around the internet it seems that the big man has already taken steps to trim down some.

The assets that Meeks could bring to Chapel Hill, from his passing abilities, which some say are as good as they get when it comes to big men, making him someone you want when being doubled down low on offense, or to start the fast break off a missed shot from the opposition, are plenty. The center’s offensive game should be also well worth him coming to UNC as he can either play in the paint or he can face up outside of it.


In the end, from what I been hearing about Kennedy Meeks is that he could definitely be someone who the UNC Basketball fans get to watch play next season. But I have learned, after watching/following recruiting for a long, long time that until you do not hear it from the player himself it has not happened. So, for now, all that we can do is wait and see what the big man from Charlotte decides to do.

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