Detroit Lions Weekly: Rating Mayhew, Schwartz and Suh

It’s been a long year for Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew.

He has seen his draft class get ridiculed, his head coach cost the team points, and his star defensive tackle drive around town recklessly on a regular basis.

The media has loved it, but Mayhew hasn’t.

The most recent debacle occurred in the Lions’ last game against the Houston Texans.  Playing on Thanksgiving, in a game Detroit hasn’t won since 2003, head coach Jim Schwartz tossed his challenge flag on a play that was ruled a touchdown despite the runner being down 70+ yards short of the goal line.

Schwartz was immediately notified that his toss of the red flag not only merited a 15-yard penalty, but would also cost his team a review.  Since all scoring plays are automatically reviewed, the NFL thought it would be a good idea to make a rule stating that throwing the challenge flag nullifies any chance of overturning the call.

The rule is bad, but Schwartz is worse for not knowing it.


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