MLS Soccer: The Galaxy are the best team in L.A.

The new kings of Los Angeles—the Galaxy. (

“I love this club,” said David Beckham after the Los Angeles Galaxy defeated the Houston Dynamo 3-1 in the 2012 MLS Cup.

The victory marked the club’s second straight MLS Cup over the Dynamo and fourth cup victory in the last 10 seasons.

Since the arrival of Beckham in 2006, the Galaxy have displayed all the glitz and glamor  of a typical Los Angeles sports team. They’ve signed the big contracts, hired the best coaches and set the highest of expectations.

Although the early years of the “Beckham Experiment” complimented a Hollywood tabloid, the club has finally become the epicenter of MLS.

In 2011 the Galaxy dominated the entire season and rolled through the playoffs with ease to win the MLS Cup. This season began with the Galaxy starting below .500, and the veteran players needing to corral the team’s spirits in order to earn a playoff spot.

The Galaxy dominated the 2012 MLS Playoffs by scoring 12 goals while only conceding  6 to their opponents.

The superstars earned their keep as Beckham, Omar Gonzalez, Robbie Keane and Landon Donovan were all on form throughout the playoffs and in the final.

With two straight championships the Galaxy have begun to emerge as a dominating force in the star studded L.A. sports scene. But could the MLS club be the best team in Los Angeles?

What does it take to be a winner in LA? It takes high-paid superstars, historic coaches and results.

The Galaxy have three players in the top 10 highest paid players in MLS, which includes Donovan, Keane and Beckham.

In 2008 the Galaxy hired Bruce Arena, former DC United and U.S. National Team coach,  who wasn’t new to MLS Cups when came to L.A. His two titles with United gave him the resume to bring the Galaxy to glory, which he has twice now.

The results speak for themselves. The LA Galaxy are a global brand, not only for their players but for their trophies.

Now let’s put the Galaxy up to the test versus the city’s top teams.

The Kings are the most recent champions in the city by winning the 2012 Stanley Cup. Unfortunately the NHL is in their second lockout in 7 years and it’s hard to name a single player that stands out on that championship team. Compare that to the Galaxy, where Beckham and Donovan are legends in their sport.

How about the Dodgers? When a minority owner is the face of the franchise it’s easy to say a season like 1988 is a long ways away.

Should we count the Anaheim teams? The Ducks and Angels haven’t been relevant in championships since 2007. Although the Angels have the big names, their results can’t stand up to the Galaxy.

The showdown of best Los Angeles sports teams comes down to the Lakers. They are the most recognizable franchise in the city and in their league. The Lakers have won seventeen NBA Championships with back-to-back titles in 2009 and 2010. The stars are countless, and with this seasons additions of Dwight Howard and Steve Nash the payroll is even higher. Can anyone compete with the Lakers? The Galaxy can.

Although the Lakers have the stars and payroll, the recent success of the team has been far below L.A. standards. After firing head coach Mike Brown after 5 games, the Lakers hired Mike D’Antoni who has never won a NBA title and is a downgrade compared to former coach Phil Jackson. The team failed to reach the NBA Finals last season, losing in the second round for the second straight time after reaching the conference finals three straight years before. This season the Lakers have started 8-9 and are third in the Pacific Division behind the Clippers and Warriors.

So who is the best team in Los Angeles?

With the LA Galaxy winning their second straight title on Saturday, it is a clear consensus that this MLS club has captivated the soccer nation and its host city. Los Angeles celebrates champions and today the Galaxy are the champions of MLS and the champions of L.A.

  • Dirk Smith

    The Rams are improving and will hopefully end the season over .500 after a 3-13 campaign last year.

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  • KenS

    Okay, so the Galaxy is a good team…for Triple A soccer. I mean the MLS is a solid farm team when compared to even the worse EPL team. Of course, when you say “captivated the soccer nation,” the “nation” at Galaxy games are mostly a bunch of upper middle class lily-whites who have money to waste simply because their kids play AYSO and dream their kids will get a free ride as an Akron Zip or maybe even, heaven forbid, a Wolverine!

    “Real” soccer fans are found at the Chivas games. That team is a wreck right now but if they get good, now THAT will be a party. Those fans are born with the game in their blood. Besides, as a soccer ref, Chivas is nicer to us than the Galaxy. They give us a game each year where we get to talk to the refs after the game and a couple of years ago, my wife’s cousin won Chivas season tickets in a contest. So I’m partial.

    Oh, by the way, nice coverage.