Detroit Tigers rumors: the GM speaks

The Detroit Tigers did something today that I haven’t seen before. They let GM Dave Dombrowski overtake the team’s official Twitter feed and answer some pointed questions from fans. To Dombrowski’s credit I thought he answered with great candor and revealed some fairly useful information.

Here is a quick rundown of what was discussed:

Detroit Tigers, Jhonny Peralta

Jhonny Peralta is still here

Regarding shortstop: He said that Jhonny Peralta is this team’s shortstop and that he is already working hard this offseason in preparation of that role.

Regarding the #5 spot in the rotation: He gave Drew Smyly a pretty obvious edge of landing that job out of camp and said he is very comfortable with Smyly in the rotation.

About Nick Castellanos: He will most likely start the season as the everyday left fielder in AAA but will have the chance to compete for a roster spot this spring.

About Avisal Garcia: He will need a lot of at-bats, wherever he plays. Reading between the lines, he is slotted for right field in Toledo.

In reference to Andy Dirks: Dirks is the primary left fielder but the Tigers will be on the lookout for a complimentary right-handed bat.

What to do in National League parks: Victor Martinez will not catch at all so Jim Leyland will have the job of finding a way to get Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder, and VMart in the lineup. Now THAT should be interesting.

About the closer role: Dombrowski thinks Bruce Rondon is a special talent and has a good chance to become this team’s closer with a strong camp.

About the utility man jumble: He feels that there is room for both Danny Worth and Ramon Santiago on the 25-man roster.

In regards to lefties in the bullpen: Said he is open to adding another lefty arm but noted that Darin Downs did a really good job when he got his chance.

When you add it all up the general message sticks to the theme of the Detroit Tigers basically being a complete team right now. Some tweaks will likely be made but don’t expect anything earth-shattering.

Despite Kansas City adding James Shields and Wade Davis, and a strong 2012 from the White Sox, the Tigers remain the clear team to beat in the AL Central as presently constructed.

Smart money is on Dombrowski letting the season’s first 4 months play out and assessing his team’s needs once more at the July 31st deadline.

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    I would trade Fielder. Put Cabrera at 1st & DH VMART. Sounds crazy but I think it would work. Did big Fielder hit as many homes runs as skinny Granderson? Fielder way, way overated. Divide $214 million by 9 by 162. Think he is worth that per game?

    • David Lehman

      Fielder actually played in a real ball park and last time I checked he didn’t strike out as often as Granderson. It’s not all about the big flies dude. Fielder had a much better average as well, and if Cabby can cut down on his GDP’s Prince will have a lot more RBI. You my friend are crazy … Trading Feilder would be absolutly ludacris.

      • STEVE

        respect your opinion but I don’t think he would me missed that much. Could have traded for a pitcher; a good 3rd baseman. Cabrera belongs back at first base. I like Prince as a person ( nice guy ) just don’t think he worth what he is being paid. Wonder what he will be like in the 9th year of his $214 million dollar contract?

        • Bonzodog

          Fielder loves being in Detroit and he relishes his role as the support guy for Cabrera. Remember he did the same for Braun in Milwaukee. He will bat a solid .300 and drive in 100+. The DPs will happen with both Fielder and Cabrera because they make contact and not striking out. It would be foolish to let him go as he guarantees average, power and RBIs every year and scoring runs is the name of the game if postseason is the ultimate goal.