Green Bay Packers defeat Chicago Bears to win division title

James Jones and the Green Bay Packers defense carry the team to a 21-13 win against archrival Chicago Bears and clinch the NFC North division title.

James Jones set a career high with three touchdown catches this game and the Packers defense held the Bears to only 190 yards on offense.

The Bears Brandon Marshall, after talking trash leading up to the game, scored the first touchdown of the game.  But the Packers answered with a touchdown of their own, picked off Jay Cutler, and then scored another touchdown.

The Packers took a 21-7 lead but he Bears were driving and had first and goal at the five-yard line.  Green Bay’s defense held on, with some help from the Bears who committed a penalty, and forced the Bears to a field goal.

In the fourth quarter the Packers tried to run some trickery on a punt play but the play backfired and the Bears wound up with the ball deep in Packers territory.  Green Bay’s defense held on strong again and forced the Bears to another field goal.

With the game nearing its end, the Bears were looking for one final drive to tie the game up.  On fourth down, Sam Shields knocked down a pass and the Bears turned the ball over on downs, sealing the Packers victory.

Green Bay’s defense shut down Marshall, who ended with only six catches for 56 yards.  The Packers defense also got to Jay Cutler, sacking him four times. Two of those sacks belonged to Clay Matthews, who was playing his first game since suffering a hamstring injury.

The Packers offense faired well today.  Rodgers threw for just under 300 yards and the three touchdowns.  He was also only sacked three times and threw no interceptions against the Bears tough defense.  The Packers also racked up 113 rushing yards, although there was no dominant running back.

It was a solid performance all around for the team.

The win makes the Packers division champs for the second year in a row and keep the Packers in the hunt for the second seed in the NFC, giving them home field in the playoffs.  With only two games to go, the season is almost over and the Packers have already reached one of their goals, but there is still plenty to play for.

Five things we learned from this game

  1. It’s good to have Clay Matthews back – Matthews finally made his return to the starting lineup and instantly made his impact felt.  He had two sacks and five tackles.  He really helped slow down the Bears rushing attack and helped in brining pressure on Cutler.
  2. James Jones is becoming a key receiver – While he has had big games earlier this year, he seemed to have gotten lost in the shuffle of Greg Jennings’ return.  But with Jordy Nelson on the sideline, James Jones stepped up and set a career high, three touchdown catches and was almost all of the Packers offense today.
  3. The Bears season is falling apart – The Bears were 7-1 and now they sit at 8-6 and are, right now, on the outside looking in when it comes to the playoffs.  They will need some help if they want to make the playoffs.
  4. Mason Crosby has some serious issues – The Packers may need to really look at getting another kicker because Crosby isn’t getting it done.  He missed another two field goals today and it has already affected the way McCarthy has called plays when the Packers get into field goal range.  Speaking of McCarthy and play calling…
  5. We may have seen the worst call by McCarthy today – The pass-back across the field the Packers tried on the punt in the fourth quarter was not only a terrible idea, but may be McCarthy’s worst call in his career.  The Packers were only up 11 and the Packers received the punt within their own 20-yard line.  I don’t know what they were trying to get at and they were lucky it didn’t hurt them more.  Just a terrible idea all around.



  • PackerJohn

    jake. it was by far, Coach Mc’s worst call ever. But, they were up 11 at the time, not eight.

    • Jake Daczyk

      Ah, thank you for pointing out that mistake, I went in and fixed it. Still a horrible call.