Cleveland Browns Leadership falling into place

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Rob Chudzinski Press Conference

I apologize to my bosses, and all my fans in the stands.  I have not written an article in a few weeks. As much as I would like to say I was on strike until The Browns changed leadership I would be lying.

The truth is I am a newlywed and I have a new baby and a new job, so I have been busy.

Back to football.

New owner in Jimmy Haslam, I love him. I have already stated that I love his passion. Always looking like a kid in a candy store.

New CEO Joe Banner has a great track record. I love that Banner has only worked for two football teams, The Philadelphia Eagles and now The Cleveland Browns.

I heard that Joe Banner is a bit of a stickler though. He does not keep veterans over 30 and is a bit smug. Of course those are the negative thoughts that people in Philly have thought of Joe Banner.  I personally believe that Banner will be a great tool working with Jimmy Haslam.

Welcome Home and Welcome Back Rob Chudzinski . Chudzinski grew up rooting for the Browns and is now the Head Coach of the Cleveland Browns. Chudzinski  was the offensive coordinator in 2007 when the Cleveland Browns went 10-6 and Derek Anderson was a Pro Bowler.

Chudzinski was the Offensive Coordinator of the Carolina Panthers the last two years, and he has been called one of the smartest football minds in the game. His in-game adjustments are said to be second to none in the NFL.

Chudzinski is also said to bringing along Norv Tuner as the offensive coordinator. Norv Turner speaks for himself in what he did for the San Diego Chargers as head coach and offensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys when they were champions. Trust me living in Dallas, the locals wanted Norv back badly.

I think the Browns may be switching to a 3-4 defense and I am not happy about that. The growth has been good and steady under Jauron with the 4-3 who probably won’t be back in favor of San Diego’s defensive coordinator John Pagano. Expect a hybrid defense like Chudzinski stated in his press conference. I love that idea.

I believe that most personalities and egos will be checked at the door, because Jim Haslam has set the precedence at the top. Haslam has been well documented as being a former minority owner with the In the Pitts Boring Stealers.

I must show respect for the Rooney family and the way they have built their franchise.  I know that Jim Haslam adopted all the positives from that franchise and will implant them in the Cleveland Browns.

I am not sad to see Pat Shurmer go. I did not know much about him to get a judgment. I do know that I was just never convinced. I am convinced in Chudzinski.

Tom Heckert being let go was a bit of a scratcher, but when you’re starting over. Start over. I don’t know how much control Holmgren held over draft picks but I would easily say that a lot of the draft picks were really good picks.

I never like that H&H went after Colt and never gave him a chance.  It always appeared that the H&H were afraid to use Free Agency. I am not a strong believer in buying a team. You have to build through the draft. If you think names like Usama Young and Frostee Rucker will help this team. Good Luck to you. Rucker played well but we needed a lot more than that. Offering Dimitri Patterson big money for a nickel back you picked up off the street. Of course he was let go later, but you don’t even go after that guy in the first place.

I am proud of the direction of The New Cleveland Browns. I am all in. I have to be. Jimmy Haslam has set the standard and it starts with the top down.

Next up I will evaluate players who I would like for the Browns to keep as a part of the core roster.

  • Hezoucky

    I hear ya man, what else are we gonna do? I do like Jimmy Haslam as the new owner, I hope we are surprised at how Chud can bring it together there is a foundation. (thanks Heckert! Thought you did a good job.) I am excited, turn it around, win us some games and a Super Bowl! GO BROWNS!

  • Phil M

    You are so wrong about Norv Turner, he rode the coattails of Jimmy Johnson, Troy Aikman, Emmit Smith. Michael Irvin, anyone would be a great OC with that crew. He failed in San Francisco & Miami as OC, failed in Washington, failed in Oakland as HC failed in San Diego as HC took a 14-2 Charger team and made it a laughing stock of the AFC west. Got rid of star players,Tomilson, Brees, M.Turner, Sproles, Jackson, ruined Philip Rivers. His coaching record speaks for it self, 114 wins 122 losses. And I hear his son is part of the deal. Browns fans will suffer again.
    I am a ex-Clevelander a die hard Browns fan since 1950. We here in San Diego were glad to see Norv Turner FIRED

  • Travis Hornback

    what does grammar have to do with a football article, your a moron…keep up the good work djranell… what do you think the final product will look like going into week one next year

  • Boris Sheremtova

    You need to improve your grammar.