Cleveland Browns offense, who is worth bringing back?

Trent Richardson

A new regime means that were not going to evaluate all the players from the 2012 season, instead we will evaluate who we want to bring back in 2013.


1. Brandon Weeden– 297/514 57.4% 3385 YDS 14 TD 17 INT 72.6 QBR

That line is pretty good for a rookie. We have to ignore that rookies have torn the NFL apart the last few seasons.  Weeden looks great at times and totally lost at others. Maybe the offensive was not set for his skill set where new coach Rob Chudzinski vertical attack will truly fit his skill set. I think he deserves another year as the starter.  The Browns have to bring in someone to challenge Weeden as he was given the starting QB position last year.

2. Colt McCoy– He is smart, with time away from the injury at Texas that should allow the shoulder to be at full strength. He is a leader. He scrambles well and coming into his third NFL season he has gone through a lot and nothing should startle him now. I believe that Colt could challenge Brandon if given a fair chance, but we have to see what the new regime is thinking. I don’t think he has a chance.

Running Backs:

3. Trent Richardson– 267 carries 950 YDS 11 TD 3.6 YPC…51 catches 367 YDS 1 TD

If I speak honestly, I would have to say that Trent Richardson did not meet my expectations. I truly thought we could give Trent the ball with that line and let him carry us for the season. He did not hit holes hard and worst he did not cut back into the running lanes on the outside. Only 2 rushes for over 20 yards.

Then reality sets in and  I see the workload he was given and how he performed despite no preseason  and  2 knee surgeries in between his last college game and first pro game.  Trent also played with broken ribs for the most of the season.

In all Trent was a rookie and was an obvious leader on the team. He has the mentality to help break the Browns from that old school Browns mentality.  An  offseason of getting healthy and knowing what he has to do in the NFL, I believe he will be the player we all expect him to be

4. Brad Smelley– Football player. Blocked for Trent at Alabama can interchange between TE and FB. Has great hands and reminds me of Chris Cooley.

Wide Receivers:

5. Josh Gordon– 50 REC 805 YDS 16.1 AVD 5 TD

A star in the making, and the new wide receiver mold of Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald and Julio Jones. Big, fast, strong, explosive humble. Gordon does not say much but his play does all the talking. Josh would have had a lot more yards and receptions had Weeden been able to connect on a lot of missed passes because Josh was wide open. New #1 receiver, can’t wait for next year with this guy

6. Greg Little– 53 REC 647 YDS 4 TD

I am truly proud of Greg Little. Little would drop anything in sight, but make the tough ones. Josh Gordon coming along helped bring focus to Little because he became as reliable as any player on the team. The last seven games of the season I think he may have not had one drop.

Little has a commitment to blocking that most receivers would never dream of. Little relishes the idea of blocking as does Gordon. These guys are 6’2 and 6’3 220-230 lbs. Our future looks great with these two guys lining up on the outsides for the next 7 years.

7. Travis Benjamin– 18 REC 298 YDS 2 TD

Future KR/PR. His speed is elite, downfield attack coming soon. Has to bulk up and learn.

8. Josh Cribbs– 7 REC 63 YDS

Cribbs can play, could be a star at Free Safety. I’m telling you, but could also be a pretty good slot receiver. Has the toughness to play inside and smarts to find zones. Just never given a chance.

Tight Ends:

9. Jordan Cameron- 20 REC 226 YDS 1 TD

This will be Jordan Cameron’s 3rd year in the league. It’s time for the project to finally payoff. He has the athletic abilities to contribute, it’s up to Jordan if he takes the starting position waiting for him. Rob Chudzinski is a former tight end and helped along Antonio Gates I’m sure he sees what we all see

Offensive Line:

10. Joe Thomas- Pro Bowler the best player on the team and the best player at his position in the NFL

11. Alex Mack– A one time Pro Bowler who more than hold his own at the C position.

12. Mitchell Schwartz– A rookie who played like a veteran, no missed snaps, no consistent mental mistakes

13. John Greco– Came in as a substitute for injured Pinkston and may have found a starting home

14. Shaun Lauvao– Played well enough and was healthy, I would like to see him get pushed for his position

15. Jason Pinkston– Lost starting spot due to injury, thankful for health will provide great depth if comes back healthy

16. Ryan Miller– Did not play at all but is a huge and has a nasty streak, would love to put him on the inside next to Joe Thomas.

That is 16 players on offense that I would like to keep for next season.

To recap I would have to think we have starters at every key position on offense. We would have to add a running back or two. Add a veteran receiver and tight ends and were solid. I can live with our QB’s for next year, and our offensive line is solid.

Let me know what you think?

Next up I will break down the defense and see how many players we actually can keep for our 53 man roster

  • pbf

    Bring back Montario Hardesty too.

  • Fan

    Typical Browns fan, ready to throw out a rookie because he did not take them to a SB in his first year! Wonder if Joe Montana wants a contract?

    • Anne Dunn

      If the Browns signed Joe Montana, they’d sit him on the bench and complain about his lack of arm strength and height. Joe Montana had all the mental skills that make all the difference between being a successful NFL QB.

      Weeden lacks those skills.

  • Anne Dunn

    Yes, there is a lot of talent, but Weeden is a problem for this team. I disagree that he was “pretty good for a rookie”. He was pretty bad — bad decision-making, low football IQ, little desire or aptitude to study film or learn the playbook, needed incredibly simple offense that he had to be walked through in practice, locks onto receivers and tips off defense, fails to see his receivers and can’t seem to read defenses, takes to long to decide to throw, and when he finally throws, he is often inaccurate — especially on the longer than 15 yard throws he’s supposed to be good at because of his big arm.

    He lacks the mental skills necessary to play QB in the NFL and even has basic problems with his throwing motion from baseball injuries.

    McCoy can play, but, you’re right that he may not have a chance in Cleveland. But with Weeden, Cleveland doesn’t have a chance. . .

  • Usa Sports 360

    I sure think the browns have a lot of talent at the wide receiver position. It is a shame Weeden was so wild on ball delivery last season. He should be let go and the Browns need to find a guy who can make ball delivery look accurate ,