Wisconsin Badgers are on a roll

Wisconsin Basketball


The currently unranked Wisconsin Badgers are standing alone atop the Big Ten at 4-0 in conference play.  They are the only team in the Big Ten to remain unbeaten in Big Ten play.  The Badgers only have four losses this season, two of which are against ranked opponents.  Their last loss came on December 8th against Marquette.  Since then, the Badgers have one seven straight.  In addition to that, their last two wins were against Illinois and Indiana, both of which are currently ranked inside the top 25.  Not only did they defeat Indiana, they did it on the road in Assembly Hall, arguably one of the hardest places to play in college basketball.

The Badgers are in the hardest part of their schedule and it wont get easier any time soon.  Their next nine games are all very tough.  They play Iowa twice, #9 Minnesota twice, #11 Ohio State twice, #18 Michigan State, #23 Illinois, and finally #5 Michigan. Of those nine games, only two games are not against ranked opponents.  Also, four of those nine games are on the road.

This difficult schedule could be looked at as good or bad for the Badgers.  While it will be extremely difficult to keep their winning streak going, a couple more big wins against ranked opponents, and they may be sitting in the top 25.  With the wins against Illinois and Indiana, they have proven that they can compete in the Big Ten.

It appears that the Wisconsin Badgers are not getting the national attention they deserve.  They consistently have a good basketball that competes in the Big Ten every year and they never seem to get any recognition.  They are consistently pulling off upsets as they pulled of two in a row in their last two games.  Look for the Badgers to continue their success and end up ranked by the end of the season. Nevertheless, they should make it to the NCAA tournament and are capable of making it far.

The one word to describe the Wisconsin Badgers basketball program is consistent. They consistently have a winning season and they consistently replace good players with new ones. Therefore, the key for them the rest of the way is to continue to remain consistent. They have played great in Big Ten play so far, but how long will they be able to keep it going?  With the difficulty of the Big Ten this year, it is not likely that they will keep it going much longer.

I had them preseason ranked at fifth in the Big Ten and they still could end up there.   They started off this season preseason ranked #22 and it would be great to see them get back into the top 25.  The Badgers are playing with a lot of energy and they have a lot of momentum.  Let’s see how long they can remain atop the Big Ten.