Detroit Tigers rumors: Giancarlo Stanton edition

This offseason I’ve well documented how the Detroit Tigers are in a mode of win at any cost. No contract seems too lofty. No prospect is likely safe. Well entrenched players may not have the job security they’d hope to. The Detroit Tigers see their time as now.

Fortunately, the Tigers have a nucleus of players that are under team control for years to come. The window is now, but it’s not about to be slammed shut. The Tigers are still looking to improve at shortstop and potentially in left field as well. They continue to shop Rick Porcello, but are taking their time to make sure the deal is right.

And while GM Dave Dombrowski continues to tweak things up north, one of his most common trading partners from the south operates in total upheaval. The Miami Marlins had everyone believing at this time last year, with their new ballpark and revamped big dollar payroll, that they were ready to play with the big boys. And now they’ve sold off almost all of their valuable pieces and look to be in a complete rebuilding mode.

Could these two organizations once again meet head on in a deal of immense proportion? While the Marlins have been shedding payroll and collecting prospects for the past 6 months or so, they have also been doing something else; alienating their best player.

Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton hits the baseball very far

Giancarlo Stanton is not a happy man. His friends with acceptable statistical histories are gone, playing baseball elsewhere. And when a 23-year old who has redefined the term light-tower power, plays a good outfield, and just set a new career high by hitting .290 isn’t happy, other teams tend to foam at the mouth.

Nobody hits the ball harder and farther than Stanton. He pounded out 37 homers in 2012 despite missing over a month of action due to injury. He did this while playing in a mammoth home ballpark in Miami. Stanton has increased his batting average, on-base %, and slugging % each of his 3 years in the big leagues. His star is on the rise, fast.

Dombrowski has done a lot of his trading with the Marlins. He dumped then top prospects Cameron Maybin and Andrew Miller for Miguel Cabrera prior to the 2008 season. Last year he dumped two more top prospects, Jacob Turner and Rob Brantly, in exchange for Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante. Just before the 2010 season began, Detroit sent Nate Roberson to the Marlins in a low-end trade.

The comfort level is there. The history of Detroit trading top prospects for proven commodities is well ingrained. Could history repeat itself yet again?

Many insiders who have been trying to ignite the Stanton trade rumors haven’t mentioned the Tigers as a potential suitor. They say Detroit either doesn’t have the pieces to move or that they aren’t willing to move the ones that it would take to get him. I say, think again. Win at any cost, remember?

Acquiring Stanton would almost certainly require the Tigers to unload both Nick Castellanos and Avisail Garcia, possibly Porcello, and others. It’s an offer that the Marlins would have to pay attention to.

Yes, Detroit would be parting ways with their top 2 impact prospects. Castellanos and Garcia have future All-Star written all over them. But guess what, Stanton already is an All-Star. Stanton is a 6’5’’, 248 pounder who looks more bodybuilder than baseball player. His course toward the all-time home run record is already taking shape. He boasts 93 career home runs and has yet to take an at-bat as a 23-year old.

Castellanos and Garcia might end up as cornerstone players one day. And they might not. Paging Andrew Miller…

Known commodities always trump the projection game, especially when said commodity is under team control until 2017 and doesn’t even hit arbitration until after the 2013 season. The Tigers would be selling their future and acquiring it all at the same time.

They would also have the best roster in all of baseball if Stanton were brought in, Washington Nationals included. A lineup in 2013 could look like this:

  1. Jackson – CF
  2. Hunter – LF
  3. Cabrera – 3B
  4. Fielder – 1B
  5. Stanton – RF
  6. Martinez – DH
  7. Peralta – SS
  8. Avila – C
  9. Infante – 2B

Opposing managers would tremble at the sight of it. Opposing pitchers would simply be in the way. It would be a league-shaking move to be sure. Things have been very quiet on the Tigers rumor mill of late. That usually means something big is about to pop. Stay tuned.

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  • Joe White

    Thanks for all the comments guys.

  • Michael H Long

    Put in the call. Go ahead and offer them Garcia OR Castellonos. Throw in Bosch AND and either Porcello OR Smyly. That’s a 3 for 1 trade. If we can throw in our singing hot dog vendor, do it.

    • Martin

      Are you stupid? You think the Marlins would accept a trade for a 35+ home run hitter that makes only 500K for an unproven prospect, a young starter, and a terrible outfielder? They would literally have to be idiots to accept that. Cabrera cost us two top ten OVERALL prospects PLUS more. Castellanos isn’t even a top 10, we have nothing for the Marlins.

  • SmartTigFan

    Nick, Avisail, Rick, …. Hell i would trade all of them with ease for Stanton

  • Alex Gray

    Garcia, Castellanos, Crosby, Porcello, Dirks, Boesch for Stanton and PTBNL

  • Harold Smith

    Wishful thinking…………….Keep Garcia in any event!!!

  • Joe White

    Rob, Stanton made a lot of progress on defense last year. He is probably considered ‘above average’ now, which might be his peak.

  • Joe White

    Hunter moved to right. Why wouldn’t he move to left to allow a guy like Stanton to come in? I totally disagree with that.
    And I did say ‘and others’ when mentioning the package. It would have to be a big deal, no doubt.

  • bobbleheadguru

    1. No way Hunter moves to Left.
    2. Stanton would take a lot more. ADD Austin Jackson and Smyly with Garcia, Castellanos and Porcello if you do not want the Marlins to hang up when you call. Think about how much they had to give up to get Infante/Sanchez… This deal will need at least 2X the value.

    • Motor City

      There’s no player in baseball worth that many players in a trade, are you high?

      • Joe White

        And I’m with motor city here. The trade you suggest would get DD fired.

        • Motor City

          I’m just a fan…but my offer would be Rick P, Nick C, Andy D, and whatever farm arm they demanded. In my opinion, Garcia is a keeper. Hell, look what they gave Miggy up for, and it’s not like Miggy was a secret then, it was known he was a stud.

          • Joe White

            The Tigers are more or less out of farm arms. Not sure Dirks is enticing enough as a major piece.

          • Motor City

            We’ll throw in Raburn, wait, never mind….

        • bobbleheadguru

          I never implied that DD would offer that trade. That is simply what the Marlins would likely agree to talk about.

          The Tigers farm system is weak compared to Seattle or Texas.

          Profar is worth more than BOTH Castellanos and Garcia combined. Andrus (top 3 SS) is worth more than Jackson (top 10 CF) and either Porcello or Smyly (both young #4 or #5 starters). Texas would have to give up more than Profar and Andrus to get Stanton… so Tigers would have to do the same and give both Porcello and Smyly.

          From valuation standpoint, I stand behind my original post.

      • bobbleheadguru

        I would trade that entire package in a second for Cabrera, Verlander, Kershaw, or Trout. None of the players the Tigers would give up to the Marlins are at a HOF level talent. All four listed names are… as is Stanton.

        • Joe White

          Not sure I follow. Which 4 listed players are HOF talents?

          • bobbleheadguru

            Cabrera, Verlander, Kershaw and Trout… and Stanton.

          • Joe White


        • Motor City

          So now you’re putting fish boy in the hall after one season in the bigs, lol, now I know you’re high.

          • bobbleheadguru

            At the end of his age 22 season (2012), Stanton had 93 HRs and 232 RBIs in the big leagues.

            Cabrera at 22? 66 HRs and 228 RBIs
            Pujols at 22? 71 HRs and 257 RBIs
            Bonds at 22? 41 HRs and 107 RBIs.

            … What was your point again? And do you really still think that Stanton has been in the big leagues for one year?

          • Motor City

            I was referring to trout…(fish boy).

          • bobbleheadguru

            Got it… Fish Boy could be Stanton as in “Marlins”.

            Regardless, Trout actually has the highest value of those other 3, because of his controllability.

            Would you trade Trout for any of the other three (Cabrera, Verlander, Kershaw) straight up? That would be a tough call.

          • Motor City

            Wouldn’t trade for Miggy straight up because I see him every game, and IMO, he’s the smartest hitter in the game, and no on JV as well as I think we haven’t seen the best he has to offer yet. He needs to get his ego out of the way of his talent, and he’ll be the best pitcher in baseball.

            As for kershaw, I just haven’t seen him enough to be honest. I will say fish boy should be an amazing talent though.

  • Rob White

    That would be outrageous if they acquired Stanton. How good is he defensively?

  • bob white

    Keep us posted Joe.

  • Matt

    Make the move – get Mr. I a ring. The top 4 in our rotation will be around awhile, add Smyly we have one of the best rotations in the game. I will move prospects for a 23 yr old who may already be the best raw power hitter in the game anyday!